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Woo Hoo! I won the grand prize!

Went to an alumni function this evening and won the grand prize! A Samsung Galaxy Tab4. Of course it’s pathetic that I have to ask my teenage son how to work it, then he tells me to ask my husband. Geez! Ottawa 10-8-15 It’s hell getting old!

Oh and my outfit matches my kitchen! Ha!

Stinky Teenager!

My 16 year old son just asked me if he could take a shower before he went to bed. I said he could wait until the morning.

“No Mom, I smell really bad!”  God, I love that child.

This is funny because we always have to remind him to take a shower.  I have caught him on numerous occasions taking fake showers.  You know, peering at himself in the mirror while the water is running for twenty minutes.  I think my baby boy is finally growing up.

Dirty kid 6-4-15