Archive | December 28, 2014


I have thoroughly enjoyed having the past five days in a row off.  It was nice spending quality time with the family, cleaning the basement, watching too much HGTV, you get the picture. I was looking for some websites to try on a different hair color and came across  OMG! I must have wasted over two hours tweaking myself. Let me rephrase that last statement, I downloaded a head shot and played with make up for two hours.  Of course I noticed I now have a dent on my forehead. Yikes! I opened my car door and smacked the crap out of my head a few weeks ago.  It barely bled, so I was surprised to see a scar. Oh well, scars add character right???? It’s a good thing I wear bangs.

The really cool thing about this site is that it has an anti-aging tab along with the usual hair and make-up colors.  You could alter your appearance via a virtual nose job, jaw contouring, face lift, etc.  It was way cool.  I kept showing my husband “look, here’s me at 35” I’m 55 so it was really cool seeing my younger self.  Check out the link below.  Have fun!