Made it this far now what??

65 or 25, good words to live by!


old people facebook

Well today I am 65. Entitled to Medicare and retired. Somehow between my ears I never got that memo. The time has just disappeared. We are never old there unless we want to be. The great thing about social media is that people connect with that mind not with a preconceived idea of who you are from an outside wrapper.

My era was one of once you are forty you might as well be dead. Well we hit forty and we figured that fifty was ancient. Fifty came and went and well now Seventy is the new thirty. Yea dream on. The best thing that you can do in life is just hold on. Do the best you can with the time you have. Want to travel? What are you waiting for? Retirement?? Hell do that stuff while all the equipment still works. It doesn’t last forever you know.


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