Oh for cryin’ out loud… stop whining about the snow… nobody made you live where you have to dig your car out from under a mountain of frozen water…

Science is so scary. If Jesus isn’t involved then it must not be true. đŸ˜‰

Pouring My Art Out

Seriously, we here in San Diego have our own winter-related problems. It has been uncomfortably hot, for one thing. I almost had to turn the air conditioner on yesterday. And not a fun hot. No, the dry Santa Ana winds have been blowing. It is so dry that any time you touch anything metal you get a little shock. I hate that. And my nasal passages are so dry that I blew blood into a Kleenex. So get over it already.


This piece was meant to be read in a mildly sarcastic tone and was intended to be humorous. The creators of this blog… (the crack squirrels that inhabit my cranium)…  are in no way minimizing or making light of any snow-related misfortunes that might befall you. If you have an issue with this piece, please refer all hate mail and death threats to;

Climate change deniers, especially the ones in positions…

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