Sugars – here, there and everywhere in our modern diet

Good points.

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

I am a sugar addict………..along with millions of people around the world, most of whom have struggled with their weight and their health all their lives. Sugar is everywhere – there is no getting away from it. Not just sweets and chocolate, cakes, muffins, bread and cereals but hidden in pasta sauces and most of our savoury favourites. In every shop and in our own kitchen cupboards and fridge – always within reach and as enticing as anything in our lives. Sugar addiction is recognised as a real and extremely harmful craving mentally and physically.

Before I recognised that sugar addiction was part of the problem with my obesity I would move heaven and earth for a fix. It might seem amusing looking back but I can tell you that Halloween was my favourite time of year. I could legitimately go into stores and come out with bags of chocolates…

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