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Give Yourself a Break

I so loved those cartoons as a kid. Poor Wiley Coyote, not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

If you feel physically, mentally or emotionally exhausted, you might need to give yourself a break. You may be ready for some alone time!give yourself a break-orlando espinosa

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Create Your Own Mini Photo Studio…

What a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

Mini Photo Studio

As many of know, I’m the kinda girl who loves to roll her sleeves up and get stuck into a crafty little project every once in a while, and seeing as I have an endless list of beauty goodies to review I was pondering over where & how to photograph them – until a little creative light-bulb appeared overhead… why not make my own mini photo studio?

Having an attic crammed full of empty boxes, I was pretty sure one of them could be the perfect candidate for my project… however, not willing to brave the potential army of spiders lurking up the ladder, I managed to convince my hubby into making the trip instead. Yes, he loves me that much! Needless to say he grabbed the perfect box I could transform it into a little photography haven.

Thankfully all went rather well… and seeing as this might come in handy…

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