Archive | March 16, 2015

Ok recruiters, take some flipping notes!

Wow, I’ve gotten so many calls from recruiters lately, I’ve lost count.  Which is great except the ones that are calling for a second and third time and annoying the living piss out of me.   Let me explain.  I’ve made it very clear to any recruiter that has called that I’m looking for a direct hire position.  All they seem to have are temporary jobs, which is fine if I was unemployed, but I’m not.

frustrated-at-work.jpg 3-16-15 I don’t like my job, but I’m sure as hell not going to quit to take a temporary one.  Do people do that? Apparently they do, as one recruiter told me.  She actually sent me on an interview, so she’s cool.  I didn’t get the job, but it’s always good practice.

This same recruiter also told me that employers take a dim view of potential hires who have quit a job to work as a temp, just because they hated their job. Something to keep in mind.  Stacy’s job tip for the day.

Happy job hunting! Jeez, it’s like a full time job.