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Pundits with Opinions on older women.

Amen to that Gale! Thanks for sharing!


Women over 50

Just a couple of “older” women from a magazine article. SEXY!

Ever seen Helen Mirren in a bathing suit??

What is this crap about what women over 50 shouldn’t wear? Are we all supposed to wear flowered dresses and orthopedic shoes?? Really? Come on now. I never see any articles about what not to wear when you are UNDER 50. Why is that? Women over 50 today are sophisticated, trendy and beautiful. Wear what the hell you like. I love this article take a minute to read it if you are over 50 it will give you a laugh and you out there under 50 well one day perhaps you will be as self respecting and as confident as some of us are. Until then you wear what you like and I will wear what I damn please.

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Stress, And Your Body Thinking It Might Die


You have a headache, an upset stomach, problems getting to sleep, elevated blood pressure and chest pains.

If you looked this up on you’d probably think you were dying from some sort of horrifying disease. But in fact, these are the symptoms of a much more common health problem affecting almost all of us.


In the same way that pain isn’t all bad because it lets you know the difference between a warm shower and scalding yourself with boiling water, stress isn’t always a bad thing either.

Stress responses in your body during life threatening situations signal your body to stop all non-life-saving functions and focus on getting you out of the burning building, or running away from the man eating lion.

But the problem with stress is that your physiological responses to non-immediate stresses are largely the same as when you’re fighting for survival.

In other words…

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Cool Stuff: Living Grass Art

This is so cool!

Tribalmystic Stories

23_mathilde_roussel_240879_01 25.08.79 #2, 2010, soil, wheat seeds, recycled metal, fabric, 110 x 90 x 40 cm. Exhibited at The Invisible Dog Art Center, NY.

Mathilde Roussel is a French artist. Based in Paris, Roussel works in various materials for her sculptures but one of her most remembered work is the Living Grass. This collection shows the transformation of soil wheat and seeds, fabric and recycled material to show the effects of transformation of material as a metaphor of the human body. After installation, the figures transform over the period of exhibition showing. Time sculpts the forms, makes them change and then decay.

For more of the grass sculptures. The artist’s statement can be read here

23_mathilde_roussel_240879_03 25.08.79 #1 and #2, 2010, soil, wheat seeds, recycled metal, fabric, 170 x 150 x 60 cm and 110 x 90 x 40 cm. Exhibited at The Invisible Dog Art Center, NY.


Mathilde Roussel

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Happy Monday!

I’m sitting on the couch for several hours, basically wasting time surfing online, only to realize that I have clothes in the washer that need to go in the dryer, tonight. Crud, and I was trying to go to bed early too.

The best part?? I only have 8 1/2 days left at my crummy job.  I finally found a new one, after months of searching.  I’m super excited because it’s a great opportunity.

My knuckle mcchuckle boss was surprised when I gave notice.  Really, I only had to come into work on my vacation to do payroll because she was too lazy to do my job.  And the only way I was able to take my vacation when I wanted was to come in on a Sunday.  Wow, and they wonder why they have such high turnover.celebrating-smth-in-office-shot-in-studio-9160915