Archive | March 31, 2016

Donald Trump=OMG

trum-orangutanWhere do I begin?  Donald Trump is a moronic, egotistical monster. He’s an embarrassment to the United States.  I can only wonder what people around the world think of my country.

He never will be a reflection of what most Americans believe.  He’s a spoiled school yard bully, who cries when he doesn’t get his own way.

Just yesterday he said that any woman who gets an abortion should be punished, he didn’t know how, but they should be punished. Then he tried to back pedal from his statement.

I’m more qualified to run this country, than this idiot, and I’m just an educated, intelligent, female accountant from Wisconsin. Oh wait,  Donald loves the “poorly educated”. Never mind.

I can’t wait for the clown car he’s riding in to just go careening off the nearest cliff!

America deserves better than this.