How to show who you are in a bio

Great info! I think I will revise my bio. Thanks for sharing.

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What does your “about” page tell your readers?

I’m terrible at writing a bio. And it seems every publication, website or blurb wants one a little different. I probably have at least 10 or more saved to “adjust” for the next one.

Too many times, my bio reads like dry toast. All crunchy, tasteless and bland. However, I do try to smear on a little honey or jam to make it more palatable.

Today I read a post about writing bios that made me smile.

I’m not sure I would apply this for a professional bio but it did give me pause. The author is reminding us not to take ourselves too seriously and to let our readers get to know us. After all, no one wants to be friends with dry toast.

But I do think her suggestion goes a long way on an about page or post. So…

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