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Very Important Words

Don’t boo, vote! I loved that line from President Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. The vote is your voice and what you do with it matters. Be aware of the fact that powerful forces are working to stop you from using your voice. If your vote didn’t matter the GOP would […]

via Don’t Boo, Vote — Art by Rob Goldstein

Republican National Convention 2016

Hello!   I was wondering what my friends from around the world  and the United States think about the RNC convention currently going on in Cleveland, Ohio.  One thing I can say for sure, all Americans are not like what you are seeing on TV.

Please sound off below.

Thank you.


Helping others

I do volunteer work for several non profit organizations.  This meme is from my husband’s cousin, who is a Roman Catholic priest living in Baltimore, Maryland.  Father Tom is a wonderful person. While I am not a religious person, I have family members who are and are complete hypocrites.  My brother had to do community service after being arrested for assault. He has a panel truck and goes to pick up items people donate to a women’s shelter.  What they don’t know is my asspipe brother takes these items then turns around and sells them.  The shelter only gets what he doesn’t want.

He’s ultra conservative and decries anyone who takes government assistance. Yet when his wife was tragically killed by a drunk driver, he had no problems collecting over $500k in Social Security for him and his two kids. Now if a person of color did the same thing, well they are one of the “takers” according to my brother.  Did I mention that he became rich overnight due to his wife’s death?  Needless to say he’s a Donald Trump supporter and told his adult daughter that if she didn’t vote for Trump, she wouldn’t be getting a different car.  Her current car is a piece of crap, that is a death trap.  Nice relatives I have.

Don’t get me started on my loser sister.

Happy Monday!