Fabulous Friday Guest Blogger D. G. Kaye #Aging Gracefully

Great info for us older ladies!

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A misnomer – aging gracefully; pretty words for a difficult time for many who face new dragons at this certain time in life where physical appearance changes, yet some women bow gracefully to the onslaught of face and body alterations.

I admire the attitudes of many women whom just accept the changes, but I am a polar opposite to that kind of acceptance. I will use my last ounce of vanity to seek out the best methods I can find to combat aging. Sure, it’s inevitable; I’m not immortal, but most likely, I’ll leave this world wearing something leopard, a pair of stilettos (if I’m not caught dead at home on my computer wearing slippers), and sporting my signature orange lipstick and flaming red hair. All of these things became a part of me at a younger age, and I’ve maintained them for decades, so why would I cave?


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4 thoughts on “Fabulous Friday Guest Blogger D. G. Kaye #Aging Gracefully

      • Oh yes! I like to use it to take off makeup because it glides off and leaves my skin hydrated and doesn’t pull. I also use it on my body when it’s extremely dry. But to use as a face moisturizer you may need to add a thickener, maybe shea butter? so it doesn’t just look like you have a greasy face. But as a mask it would be great. 🙂

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