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Great info Chris! Thanks!

Originally posted on Motown Writers Network . . . Michigan Literary Network: Do you have a passion for writing but aren’t confident in your own style? Maybe you have a fantastic idea in mind but aren’t sure how to get it down properly? Luckily, there are many courses and resources available to fine tune your writing skills and…

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What not to do if you are a good manager

My last boss did this to me all the time.  She was a hag who had been with the company for years, and was afraid of anyone who was more educated than she was. Which was me with my Bachelor’s degree, and her with a high school diploma.

If you want to be a good manager, never do this to your employees. Not only will your employees appreciate it, they won’t be sad if you get hit by a bus. (which I was hoping for on a daily basis).



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#ExcerptWeek – MenoWhat? by D. J. Kaye

OMG! What a great article. It speaks to me on so many levels. Growing older as a woman is not for sissies. As my weight shifts from one part of my body to another, I just try and laugh it off, or just go shopping at Ulta! LOL!

Ulta Freebie-Buxom Lip Polish

Can I just say I’m a goofball when it comes to free stuff?  I’m an Ulta rewards member, and I get emails everyday from them.  Lately I’ve been getting some great emails for new products, and some classic items as well.

I got the email for some free Buxom Lip gloss with purchase on June 30th.  You have to act quickly on these freebies, as they tend to run out fast. I got a full size Buxom lip polish in Dolly from Ipsy a few years ago.  I love it, and only use it on specials occasions, why, because I’m a goofball.  The color of the freebie was Dolly, so I was all in.

It’s a pretty mauve color that would flatter any skin tone.  When I do wear it, it’s over lipstick.  It stays on well, and really enhances the color of whatever lipstick you have on.

I went to my local Ulta right after they opened on July 1st, and they had already run out. I ran out of the house with no make-up, and didn’t even brush my teeth, to get free lip gloss. (did I mention I’m a goof ball?) I went to the next closest Ulta and scored my freebie.

It’s $20 at Ulta.  I got a generous sample that went right into my purse. If you are a Ulta rewards member, don’t forget to check your emails daily.


Buxom Lip Polish in Dolly