#ExcerptWeek – MenoWhat? by D. J. Kaye

OMG! What a great article. It speaks to me on so many levels. Growing older as a woman is not for sissies. As my weight shifts from one part of my body to another, I just try and laugh it off, or just go shopping at Ulta! LOL!

11 thoughts on “#ExcerptWeek – MenoWhat? by D. J. Kaye

    • My pleasure. It’s always nice to meet fellow meno survivors! When does it end by the way? No one seems to know. I would have stayed on the pill, but my doctor made me go off when I was 50.

      • Well, according to studies, it differs with each woman. I know some sad tales about 2 sister in laws nearing 70 who STILL have hot flashes. This is not inspiring! LOL 🙂

      • I wrote about my joyous insomnia in my Menowhat? book. I feel for you sista! 🙂 Mine lasted two long, never-ending continuous years of 10 minute intervals of sleep between flashes. )

      • Holy crap! I’ve been taking insomnia meds for seven years, which may contribute to dementia. Isn’t that lovely? On the plus side, my cholesterol medication is suppose to prevent me from getting dementia. So I guess they cancel each other out. It’s hell getting old!

      • I don’t take any meds, and only used natural alternatives to ease through. I had some wonderful herbal tincture from my naturopath for the calming of the system for bedtime. And melantonin. 🙂

      • That’s great! I would love to find something else. What dosage did you take of the melatonin? I’ve always been a light sleeper. Someone could fart in the next county and it would wake me up. What was in the tincture you used? I’m always asking my doctor for other remedies, his suggestion is the more mainstream treatments for insomnia. Like drugs that cause you to sleep walk, sleep eat, etc. Our bedroom is on the second floor, and I would probably break my neck. He said some of these drugs can make you sleep drive? OMG! I live close to a river that would be easy to drive into. Um, no thanks.

      • Omg, you crack me up! LOL. Don’t do it!
        I have an aversion to pharmaceutical drugs for many reasons. My naturopath has saved my life and sanity a few times over. The tincture is a concoction he sells made by his company, by I know the main ingredients are poppy and valerian. I believe you can buy a combo of valerian and passionflower in the health food store for calming and relaxing the body. You can ask the help there for proper dosing. But Melantonin is safe as a 3 – 5 milligram dose before bed. But again, please mention to your doctor. I’ve been working with natural herbs for years, but I am not a licenced prescriber.
        I too wake up at the sound of a pin drop, or shall I say fart? LOL

      • Thanks a bunch. My doctor did say to try Melatonin, but when it didn’t work right away, I went back to my script. I should really look into seeing a naturopath. What criteria should I look for in one? I have no idea. Thanks again.

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