Gravy-Is it wrong if I love you?

Happy Thursday! My husband was on vacation this week, lucky him.  He cleaned out the basement and found a 10 year old photo of myself and our son. I apparently enlarged it to a 8×10.  While I basically look the same, I was heavier back then and dressed like an old lady.  I had two chins, I was wearing a camp shirt, way too old for my 47 year old self.

Upon closer inspection of the photo, I realized I only weigh 10 pounds less now than when the photo was taken.  Back in 2009, I finally got my act together and lost 60 pounds in 10 months. Surprisingly, I only went down 4 sizes. I discovered thrift store shopping and reinvented my fashion sense.

Gone are the camp shirts and elastic waist pants. In their place chic cardigans and fitted jeans. While I’m currently not my ideal size, I try to dress nice and always have my hair and make up done.

Middle age and menopause are not kind to us women. I kept a majority of the weight off for several years, but the past year I gained back 20 pounds.  That 20 was on top of the other 30 that found its way back to me.

Thank goodness for Goodwill, as I’ve purchased several pair of bigger jeans. I currently have four sizes of jeans in my closet. As my butt has gotten larger, surprisingly my top has not.

Here’s where the gravy comes in.  My hubby does all the cooking at our house (lucky me). He made some braised beef with the most delightful gravy to ever touch my lips.  I was having it for the second time this week. As I was enjoying my leftovers, the photo from 10 years ago was staring at me from the fridge, where my husband so thoughtfully put it on display. Damn, I need to go on diet. I did so well for six years after I lost all that weight, but life happens.

My 40th high school reunion is this year.  I will lose the 35 pounds I need to get back to where I’ll be feeling good about myself.  I joined a gym two months ago, but health issues have kept me from going.  I know, it sounds like excuses, but being a 57 year menopausal woman ain’t easy. Thank god I have nice skin. On the plus size, I was small chested in high school, now I’m stacked. Ha ha!

I think I hear the treadmill calling me.



21 thoughts on “Gravy-Is it wrong if I love you?

  1. Change is inevitable but we can always grow old graciously which I think u have done.😎good luck with ur treadmill .

  2. Love this post! I usually don’t read blogs of late, not because I’m not interested but that darn eye thing. However today I bought the next higher (and top level) cheater glasses so for a while at least I can read. I’m originally from NJ and boy do we love brown gravy on french fries! And pizza, hoagies etc. The only way I kept weight off was from working 12 hr shifts in a large hospital. I’m the type if I don’t move I gain. This past year I’ve gained exactly 35#. My winter clothes don’t fit but I refuse to buy new or used things ~ yet. I’m not working plus because of that little issue of not being able to see the floor, I rarely go outside for fear of falling, something I manage to do a lot of lately. Now that the snow is here (3′) I’m going to attempt snowshoeing which I usually do every year. I’d rather fall in a snowbank then on the hard ground you know? It actually burns a lot of calories. I had a treadmill once but wound up hanging things on it. Going to do laser surgery on my right eye Jan 31 so hopefully they’ll do the other one before April or May my word! And I definitely agree with Jim above me ~ we ARE better now.

    • Hope your eye is better real soon. Three feet of snow, wow! I was so insecure when I was young, (it was the small boob thing). Now I have confidence to spare! Definitely comes with age.

      • Well heres some advice for you and anyone reading this comment. No matter how much you trust your ophthalmologist or how many years you’ve been going to him/her, if you are sort of younger (I turned 50 in Nov 2016), don’t have a visual problem, please DO NOT let him/her convince you that you need cataract surgery. All I did was lose my glasses while hiking the Appalachian Trail. I’ve worn progressive lenses for years. I need them for distance and the middle ground but never wore them for reading, knitting etc. I lost my glasses, went to an optometrist who RX new glasses however for the first time ever I couldn’t see well with them. Her office jerked me around for over a month and finally told me the 45 day period in which she would have to correct the glasses at no charge gad passed but she ould be happy to reexamine and RX new glasses but of course I’d have to pay. I wanted to punch her lights out but asked “Why can’t i see w/the glasses you RC? I”ve never had a problem before. She told me I had “fast growing cataracts” to which I responded “Oh? And you failed to mention that during my initial exam because??”. Went to my ophthalmologist whom I’ve been going to since he opened his practice nearly 15 yrs ago. He said I had “beginning cataracts” not fast growing ones. I trusted him so agreed to have the surgery in Sept and Oct 2015! I lost my near vision and when i asked him about it after the first eye he said my eye needed time to heal. After the next eye I realized my near vision was gone. By Feb 2016 I would n longer see with the new glassed he rx for me. By March I was falling over dog toys because I couldn’t see the floor! Tried to get an appt w/him and was told the first opening was in July! So basically I’ve turned into a turnip and found new eye specialty group a 2 hr drive from me. Plus they book way out. So moral of tis story is never ever trust a doc just because they’ve been wonderful for years.
        Moving on, I had a breast reduction in 2009. Best thing I did! If I had it my way I’d be flat chested. hahahahaha
        PS: Sorry to hijack your post but this cataract thing has ben an eye opener ~ and I’m a nurse. I wouldn’t want anyone else to go through what I have.

      • Thanks for sharing. What an awful experience. Since I came down with Bell’s palsy on Thanksgiving, my left eye has been a bit blurry. I can’t even imagine what you went thru. Sending good thoughts your way.

      • Dis the Bell’s Palsy get corrected? Was it one side or both? I ask because in 1992 when it was still in its infancy, my hubby had severe Lyme’s Disease. What a nightmare. He did get arthritis much younger than anticipated and every few years will wake up with BP on one side of face. Cortisone injections and he’s good. I’ve slowly been sorting through makeup and tossing after your post. hahahah

      • Ir’s been almost seven weeks, and it’s mostly gone. It was just on one side. I need to go thru my make too! I have way too much. My doctor asked me if I had been bit by a tick. Which I didn’t think that I had. My left eye is still a little blurry which is super annoying. Thanks for asking.

      • I responded to a blog post last night (just got new cheater glasses ~ the strongest ones) about women aging. I had a reduction. Wanted AA but PS didn’t agree. So B it is. A lot comes with age ~ some good, some not so good. I am definitely more outspoken and I had the tact of a grenade before. hahahah

      • Mine grew after I went on birth control, never was I so happy to go out and buy new bras! LOL! I was pear shaped when I was flat, then went to an hourglass, it was pretty flipping awesome.

  3. I hear you! At 60 I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been, but determined to lose about fourteen pounds this year. I actually signed up to walk/run 2017 miles this year. Started the challenge on New Year’s Day. Only 2016.5 miles to go….

    • Ha! I know the older I get the harder it is to lose weight. I was working with a personal trainer before I went on vacation in Oct. It was great because she was coming to my house. She created several workouts just for me, that were actually working. I need to get back into it for sure. Good luck with your walk.

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