Betsy DeVos is Unfit to be Secretary of Education

Kenneth Zeichner is Professor of Teacher Education at the University of Washington. He writes here why Betsy DeVos should not be approved for Secretary of Education. Betsy DeVos is thoroughly unqualified for the job of Secretary of Education. She has never attended a public school, sent her children to public schools, taught or […]

via Kenneth Zeichner: Why Betsy DeVos is Unfit to be Secretary of Education — Diane Ravitch’s blog

10 thoughts on “Betsy DeVos is Unfit to be Secretary of Education

  1. I got a letter this morning from a friend very upset by her wanting to use the public schools to usher in the kingdom of God. For some reason tRump has nominated people to lead the very departments they want badly to kill off or undo. It is making my head spin. Hugs

  2. As an educator, this makes me very sad. This is like putting a doctor in charge of the licensing board for plumbers. Would that make sense? Let’s put someone with no experience in education, in CHARGE of education. The silver lining is, as an actual educator, I now know I have a chance to be Secretary of Education. Well at least more qualifications : )

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