Can this moron Betsy Devos just go the f*&k away!

I’m more qualified than this moron, and I only teach as a volunteer. Financial literacy as a matter of fact.  Our young people are going to need my classes after this effed up administration is done raping and pillaging the United States.  It honestly gets worse by the minute.

The Los Angeles wrote in an editorial today that the Senate should not confirm Betsy DeVos. She embarrassed herself by her lack of knowledge of the role of the federal government, federal policies, and federal laws. Betsy DeVos’ love of private school vouchers didn’t disqualify her for the role of U.S. Education secretary, even […]

via Los Angeles Times: The Senate Should Not Confirm Betsy DeVos — Diane Ravitch’s blog

8 thoughts on “Can this moron Betsy Devos just go the f*&k away!

  1. I loved when she was asked by Bernie if we should give billionaires like her a tax cut and not give young people free education in state schools. She just kept repeating the same nonsense answer. She made herself look so selfish as she clearly wanted her tax cut instead of saying she had enough and let’s help the kids. Hugs

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