Jesus H. Christ! We are so screwed!

Hello, and welcome to hell for us in the United States!  As soon as Trump took office, the White House website was changed to reflect the incoming administration.  Please take a look at the top issues, I have a link below.  If this does not scream fascism, I don’t know what does.  Never in my 58 years on this planet did I ever think I would be this afraid.  I’m scared shitless for my country that I love so much.



75 thoughts on “Jesus H. Christ! We are so screwed!

  1. Yes you are correct. They have to take anything that the prior administration did or championed off to let the current administration state their position. That way no one can say the new Pres. supports something the old Pres. did or said. So the things missing tell you a couple things. That tRump & crew have no intention of keeping the same policies, that they have no good policies to replace these with, and that they did not even care enough about these things, so important to the rest of us, to even have signaled their plans. Hugs

  2. I think you are right. The man is an irresponsible idiot who does give a single hoot for the animals, planet or rest of the world. He’ll sell the world for his own greed and status. A narcissistic megalomaniac!!

  3. I can’t even. The mere fact a man who would debase women. Brag publicly about “grabbing women by the pussy”, mocking the disabled is just too much for me. The fact this filthy neo-Nazi pig had supporters proves to me that Americans are racist, bigoted, angry and entitled. Do these morons who voted for this vile excuse of a human being realize that they will most likely be losing their medical benefits–their minimum-wage salaries will never be raised–women’s rights will no longer be–and the list goes on. For the love of God, I cannot understand it. I am playing the lottery faithfully because I want to win so badly only to get my ass out of this once-greatest Country and to the neutral Switzerland or Monaco. And I will need to win the lottery to do so!!

    • It cracks me up some of the comments I’m getting from people that don’t live in the United States. They aren’t here, seeing what’s been going on. One of the really sad things is that he has legitimized his repulsive behavior. I’m thankful I don’t have any young children. My son graduates from high school this year, so Betsy DeVos’s cluster f&*k take on public education won’t affect him. But so many others are going to be impacted by what will be taken away, it makes me sick.

  4. Jesus wept. I can’t even bring myself to like this. I checked out the page earlier when folk on Twitter were saying that the LGBT page had disappeared but it seemed that all previous info had been archived. There was nothing like this there then. This is not good.

  5. Why do you don’t love Trump soo much? Obama got the award of peace in world but in his years of leading America were some of the worst battles and suffers in Iran, Irak? Isn’t that irronic that he got Nobel’s prize? I think that America needs someone like this clown just like Russia has Putin. You can’t jugde by his words. You have to jugde by leading America. Give him some time. And try to look for Obama what was he doing on his time of the leading America and you will be shocked

    • “Ivanamakeupworld” – Well said, give the man a chance apart from anything else its disrespectful he is the President. Where have manners and respect gone these days, it appears replaced by bullies who don’t get their own way so everyone else is wrong and they are right. As regards Obama he was the most ineffectual President I can ever remember, every time a Terrorist attack the same old shit from him “they will be caught blah blah” and what did he do precisely nothing. Peace Prize, what at absolute joke, glad he is gone.

      • I am not from USA, I am from Croatia, Europe (middle) but when it comes to politics you can’t judge someone by words. In my opinion Obama was a bad president with bad habits. He was dealing with terrorism and he was the best president ever??? No, we have to research more and see what is underneath the face of president. I live in a small country that counts 4 million people. We have the same leaders just like Obama and faces like his and I don’t like politics in my country. But I want change and I am voting for change. People of America woted for Trump. He didn’t vote for himself to be the president. I don’t know where is the problem. I think he will do better job than Obama million times 🙂

    • Being a U.S. citizen I am well aware of what goes on in my country. People from other countries do not get the full story, that is why I don’t comment on what happens in other countries, as I am not fully informed.

      • But when you want to know you can know. That is your own preference :). I want to know that is why I know and you didn’t answer on my question :))

      • Hillary Clinton had more votes than Trump. Our election was compromised by outside influences. Turn on the news, people all over the world are protesting this president. I just hope this four years go fast, and our planet is not destroyed in the process. I know people who have lived under oppressive regimes. I hope the United States is not going be one of them.

      • Oooh outside seah right.
        I believe in him :-). My opinion.
        You are so judgmental to him and what about Obama. Oooh yea he was perfect one to your country. You only spand your field with him on Iran and Irak. On other countries and your people are going in war in others coutries for oil and gas 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

      • We had was in Croatia for 4 years but your war lasts 20-30-40 years and that is sad. Poor people in small coutries that your big one smashes down

  6. Ieuw 😲
    Yes, I also have the feeling I have to send you my deepest condolences… Did you see the hand of this orange guy when pronouncing ‘America First’ repeatedly? His really is scary, the way his face moves when talking, the way he is gesturing when speaking out his horrible vision. What is happening with the world someone like him can enter such a position???

  7. I take objection to your heading, the beginning of your heading, it is offensive. I am not a Church person but I find the use of that meaning you used as so offensive. “Fascism” are you joking, go to a Country where that really exists live there see what freedom of speech you would have. You people make me laugh “Fascism/Nazis” my goodness, get a grip support your Country, support your President. I am English and proud of it, and delighted that after 8 long years the UK has a Friend again in President Trump – Obama was no Friend to the UK he made that clear, pity some of my own Countrymen (here) don’t defend their Country.

  8. Yeah, let’s eliminate health insurance for tens of millions of people to ensure we can carry on with our welfare system for billionaires. That’s how the working class wants it, and by Jeebus, that’s what tRump is gonna give us. Fuck the poor. Fuck the disabled. Fuck the environment. And fuck liberty. Oh, it is now acceptable to grab women by the pussy against their will, so I suppose, for misogynistic, shit-bag men who like to roll around in Cheeto dust, all is not lost. I’ve always wanted to learn Russian, too. Haven’t you?

    • I heard somewhere that tRump and his ilk wanted to take us back in time to when white men were undisputably in charge and infallible. Where the only restrictions on businesses were the moral feelings of the owner. Women and children had little to no value and could be dealt with and handled as an adult male wished. However was there ever such a time? Was it always so great even for the white men as they daydream it was. Seems to me they are confused by the world today and rather than learn how to deal with it, they try to sabotage it. Can’t understand the new health care, wipe it out so it won’t bother you. Oh don’t worry about the ones that liked or needed it, that is their problem. I worry also Jeff. I really do. I will soon need a new left hip. How to do it. Get it now while too early and lose that time, or wait and maybe not be able to afford the new co-pays and hospital stay? Ron is only five years from retirement, will the social security he has paid into all his life be there or will a private hedge fund company now have it thanks to Paul Ryan? Terrifying. Hugs

      • Scary times, my friend. This is so depressing. We could build a country based on mutual respect and caring for all, but instead, we have tRump and his cronies sucking the blood of the working class and the poor in order to fatten their pockets whilst they dismantle the EPA and destroy the environment. What a shit mess.

      • Yes, distressing for everything. Planet, plants, animals, people, even the mountains are worried as someone will want to dig them up for some mineral or other, making a big useless pit where the mountain was. Hugs

  9. Haha I feel sorry for America! I’m from the U.K and watched his inauguration on TV yesterday, it’s unreal to think he’s in charge of such a superpower of a country. I’ll be posting my opinions in him soon, you could check out my blog?

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