Archive | March 6, 2017

Rat bastards I tell you!

Mike Klonsky wants us to stop talking about the Russians and pay attention to what the Republicans are doing while we are not looking. While we’re consumed 24/7 with the Trump/Russia psychodrama, Republicans are quietly, under the cover of darkness and diversion, introducing these new bills in the House: HR 610 Vouchers for Public Education […]

via Mike Klonsky: While Trump Tweets, the GOP is Dismantling Our Social Safety Net — Diane Ravitch’s blog

#45, please oh please just go the f*&k away! Better yet, change the subject!

Jane McAlevey writes in Alternet that there is method to Trump’s seeming madness. Whenever things get rough, he changes the subject. This past week, as the media was roasting Jeff Sessions for lying to Congress under oath, Trump changed the subject by tweeting that Obama was wiretapping his phones at Trump Tower. The Sessions matter […]

via Trump is the “Distractor-in-Chief” — Diane Ravitch’s blog