Rat bastards I tell you!

Mike Klonsky wants us to stop talking about the Russians and pay attention to what the Republicans are doing while we are not looking. While we’re consumed 24/7 with the Trump/Russia psychodrama, Republicans are quietly, under the cover of darkness and diversion, introducing these new bills in the House: HR 610 Vouchers for Public Education […]

via Mike Klonsky: While Trump Tweets, the GOP is Dismantling Our Social Safety Net — Diane Ravitch’s blog

15 thoughts on “Rat bastards I tell you!

  1. Yes they are doing those things and more. However we can’t choose to ignore any of it. The Russia thing is a real possibility of treason. The reason the republicans don’t want an investigation is so they can push these bills and get them signed. However that doesn’t mean anyone has dropped the ball on watching for what is happening. People are not getting burned out. You are not, I am not, people who protect society like the ACLU and the SPLC are not burned out at all. We just have different people working different projects. Simply put there is so much going on that we have to try to counter that no one can do all of them all the time. So some people will work on some issues, others on others issues, and still more on different issues again. I know some of the news is not getting out. I learned more about DAPL including pictures / videos proving the police and local government were lying by watching online news. Every day I read news online from the newspapers and magazines. They are covering every move the republicans are making. Part of the problem is the cable news people were slow to gather to fight tRump & crew. But don’t lose heart, just do what you can. Tell the stories on your blog as you are doing, talk to people you know as you are doing, keep informed as you are doing. We will overcome if we continue to resist. Hugs

  2. What a twisted bunch they are. I don’t know if here’s a way of stopping them when they have a majority in both houses but I’m sure that after the elections that will change and it will be a long time before memories fade of this betrayal of the American people.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  3. Bastards I tell you..

    Oooooh miss C..
    I can always depend on you to keep me Well informed.

    Can’t understand how they think..
    or how they come up with some of these things.. what’s the sense for cutting out these…

  4. Whenever he starts tweeting I always look for the real story. It is NEVER what the Liar in Chief has been tweeting about.

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