Great read about the United States

Let’s get rid of a few bits of dreck, for the sake of mental hygiene:

1) Women don’t answer to you, or to the government for having sex, and being forced to have a child is not a fit punishment for what you perceive as promiscuity. Leave other people’s genitals alone.

2) If you are using phrases like “Confronting the culture to advance God’s kingdom,” you’re the American Taliban, a threat to the Republic, and a disgrace to Christianity. I am not only disinterested in your blather, I consider you a serious threat to a well-ordered, peaceful society. If you are pushing this nonsense onto children, you are a moral leper.

3) At this point in the “debate,” if you can’t cite SEVERAL peer-reviewed articles in legitimate scientific journals I’m not interested in your “contrarian” opinion about climate change. The science is as in as science ever is – catastrophic climate change is happening, we’re causing it, and it’s going to be a very serious problem, even if we do something about it. What we’re talking about now is whether it’s going to be catastrophic or apocalyptic. Go flatten your Earth or something.

4) Donald Trump is a dangerous, egomaniacal idiot, and his appointees range from incompetent to terrifying. If you are still supporting him at this point, you are no friend of the Republic.

5) It simply isn’t possible to cut taxes, increase spending and decrease the debt or restrain the deficit. This should be obvious to anyone who can handle simple addition and subtraction, but somehow the idea that slashing government revenues will lead to explosive economic growth WILL. NOT. DIE. Mostly because it casts a vaguely intellectual veneer over what is actually sheer selfishness.

6) Private charities are not sufficient to help the poor. If you think they are, look at any place on this planet that does not provide sufficient public assistance. There was a time when we believed that the proper way of helping the poor was private charity and religious works – read Dickens for a tour of that golden age.

7) Censorship is the refuge of the intellectually and culturally inferior. Only the weak fear being exposed to material they disapprove of. And claiming your prudishness and fragility is for the sake of the children is contemptible. Hiding behind kids because you can’t cope with modern life is despicable.

8) Again, and finally, leave other people’s genitals alone. Other people’s sex lives are none of your concern, and you don’t get to treat them like second-class citizens because you are “uncomfortable.” News flash – other people aren’t in the world to see to your comfort. If you can’t cope, if you can’t deal with people who are different from you, don’t blame others for your inability to adult.

9) The only reason we don’t have a functioning health-care system is that unlike every other advanced nation we believe in the “right” of rich douchebags to charge as much as, and more than, the market will bear. We believe in allowing insurance companies to build huge, bloated empires at the expense of the sick and desperate. And we believe that some people (namely, rich people) are more “deserving” of health care than others. It’s just plain, unvarnished, smells-like-what-it-is greed.

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24 thoughts on “Great read about the United States

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  2. Thank you so much. I needed that and shared it to my facebook. I sent a message to the idiot known as Paul Ryan. I wrote: I HAVE Obamacare and I LOVE it. My monthly payment is incredibly affordable. I am covered by a major medical company–Blue Cross/Blue Shield. My co-pay is a great price. I get my prescriptions at a great price. I get a 3-D Mammogram for no co-pay and I get my annual PAP for no co-pay. And NO, I am NOT without a job. I DO have a job and a nice one. But because you and your filthy republican ilk stymied every move our wonderful president Obama wanted to make with an even better health plan, the Obamacare had a few glitches. Glitches aside, it still WORKS. You are trying to kill people. As a Catholic, you are a fraud. You are no Catholic. In MY Catholic religion, kindness and generosity and your good-will toward people is taught. You are a selfish pig. You are evil and I liken you to Hitler. Your plan for healthcare is the equivalent of the gas chambers. And I hope you and your Republican ilk are the first ones to make use of YOUR healthcare plan and march into that chamber first.
    He responded–and this is how it was written “Thanx for ur message and support”.
    Paul Ryan is a dickless, spineless tool.

  3. In Canada we have universal health care and it works pretty good. Depending on the province health care is offered without cost regardless of income. In areas that do charge a monthly fee, people with low income can apply for a fee reduction or waiver.
    Prescriptions, glasses and dental aren’t covered but if you work for a decent employer you get benefit coverage for the extras. Where I live, if income is low, the health care plan may cover those extras for children.
    It’s got some issues like non-essential surgery has a long wait list but it’s amazingly comforting to not have to choose between an iPhone and medical care (especially if you need the iPhone to call for medical care).

  4. Would it be OK if I cross-posted this article to I’ll be sure to give you complete credit as the author. There is no fee; I’fm simply trying to add more content diversity for our community and I liked what you wrote. If “OK” please let me know via email.


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