Republicans need spines stat!

Not to overstate the obvious, but it would behoove those who serve the President to remember the famous title of the Watergate movie – “All the President’s Men.” While President Nixon was pardoned for any crimes that led to his resignation, over twenty of his colleagues went to jail. Our current President has many challenges […]

via All the President’s Men — musingsofanoldfart

14 thoughts on “Republicans need spines stat!

  1. Just heard tonight that tRump gave highly classified information about ISIS to the Russians that visited him. He let them bring a camera man in to the Oval Office yet our own media were kept out. Now it comes out he has been taping his employees for years and listening to their phone conversations. Why are the republicans protecting him ? He is clearly breaking all sorts of laws with regards to the historic post office building, and with the emoluments clause. Hugs

  2. Again, many thanks for the reblog. I also read what Scottie mentioned. If this is true, my guess is our intelligence people may filter what they tell him. They were already filtering Flynn as they did not trust him.

    • I read an article today that said his staff was feeding him fake news to get him all riled up. I heard the story on NPR about him bragging to the Russians about the intel he had. It was said that the intelligence wasn’t provided by the U.S., but one of our allies. So who knows which one of our allies he’s screwed us with. I can’t keep up.

  3. Here is a link to the information on the intel he told the Russians. Yes it did cause problems with the government we got it from. tRumps people are not denying he gave out the intel, just that he did not name the source. Very interesting read. Hugs

  4. I’m still trying to wrap my brain around the fact that this douche canoe acquired enough votes to become president.

  5. Simply put he’s breaking everything that makes all our countries great, every strand of the fabric we call democracy. The very same principles that our soldiers are fighting to keep alive. And yet he gets a free pass. Sad turn of events

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