Snap shot of the cluster f*&k U.S. president for just this week!

Lately I’m torn between needing a day off from politics, and sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for the next thing. The next thing is always only a few hours away, which adds a high level of anticipation to my news addiction. Donald Trump has turned me into a backseat political analyst. But […]

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25 thoughts on “Snap shot of the cluster f*&k U.S. president for just this week!

  1. I haven’t seen this level of civic engagement from reasonable people of both parties since the Peace Movement. When the only corrective action against fascism must come from the people. This is nmot a partisan movement and this is not a partisan moment in history.

      • If this had been a Bomb the entire east coast would be gone. I’m not exaggerating. The most lethal aspect of a psychological attack is that it moves in slow motion. Too many of us are in denial. Consider that right now republicans are using the NBC interview of Putin as confirmation of no collusion, simply because he says so. Has there ever been a time in our history that we’ve faced an enemy that controls most of our government?

      • My prayer is that we don’t have to see the kind of violence we saw during the Civil Rights Movement.

        The State governments of the Old South in the 50’s and 60’s were mostly corrupt oligarchy’s so it’s not like we’ve never seen this before. Southern politicians were perfectly willing to suck up federal dollars and abuse human rights.

        What saved us was the strong federal government created by the WW2 generation and their commitment to human rights.

        We are once again asked to pick a side.

        I choose the Union.

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