Live your life in grand fashion.

This a a great read about living your life fully.  We recently had dinner with our good friends.  My friend’s sister only took one vacation in her whole life.  She was always saving money for whatever and truly not living her life.  She died of skin cancer recently, and had many regrets of what she didn’t do with her life.  Live your life every day like it may be your last. Don’t save that special outfit, or expensive perfume, carry that expensive purse every day. Tell your loved ones that you love them.  I tell my teenage son every day that I love him. Life is way too short. Don’t put off anything.  We never know when our time will be up.

Do you often find yourself waiting until there’s a special occasion to do something? Perhaps waiting for that elusive sunny weather, a reason to celebrate, an accomplishment done to do/go/try something different or positive for yourself? I can’t help but wonder whether regularly “saving the best ’til last” and needing a reason to do things is…

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21 thoughts on “Live your life in grand fashion.

  1. My Dad always said, “Ask yourself if it will matter in 50 years…” meaning don’t let petty grievances keep you from enjoying what will matter, like your friends, family etc.

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  3. Very appropriate. My elderly sister-in-law lives alone, doesn’t earn very much, and saves every penny she can. She met a scammer who popped up on her computer and told her that she had a terrible virus problem. He could fix it for $300. But wait, he could help her establish online banking, too. So she trusted him, and now she is $2,200 poorer. Even saving can have its downsides! Yikes!

  4. U r absolutely true.wealth does not give life bt we should use it for better living because our life is a gift given by we care d life with happy moments.

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