What the heck is going on with WordPress?

I have  noticed that many blogs I’ve been following seem to somehow not be followed by me? Anyone else having this problem?  How do their posts show up in my feed if I’m not following them?  I follow a ton of beauty bloggers, but haven’t seen much lately from them lately.



60 thoughts on “What the heck is going on with WordPress?

  1. I have not noticed that but I did notice that wordpress did have traffic trouble this morning. I don’t know if they were doing an update of their systems or there was an internet attack. Keep us informed on the follower thing. Hugs

  2. WORSTpress has been “updating/upgrading the blog platform for the past 6 months. During these VERY UNNECESSARY NON IMPROVEMENTS things at WORSTpress are messed up. More like FUBAR would be more appropriate.

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  4. the problem I have is that on some of the blogs I follow, I suddenly can’t post a comment. Some work and some don’t. I have no idea how that can happen.

  5. I can’t get it to accept my password so can’t leave comments unless using my phone. And it keeps crashing, AND the preview doesn’t change when edited😱

  6. Yes, this does happen from time to time – blogs I follow drop off my ‘following’ list and other bloggers have told me that mine does the same thing to theirs. Bizarre!

  7. This happened to me some months back. But I wasn’t getting any notifications at all, for any of the blogs I follow. There’s a button in the Reader settings which switches off all notifications, and somehow WordPress had activated it for me! Might be worth checking your settings too.

  8. Same here. All my friends posts, can’t see any of them.. Only when they like my post I go to theirs immediately and read it up. My reader is behaving weird since a few days

  9. Are you getting the posts via email or through the WP Reader? I get mine that I subscribe to via email. I have heard that strange stuff has happened. have you contacted WP Support? They are always super helpful!

  10. Yes I’ve had the same trouble. I culled the ‘business’ blogs awhile ago to limit what comes up in my feed, leaving those I do follow … who apparently I don’t follow! It’s been happening for quite awhile now and I’ve given up trying to figure it out … if you have some insight, pleas share 🙂

  11. It’s happened to me since I started my blog a few years ago… Seems to be a glitch no one wants to fix. I just go to my settings and find the list of those I follow, then visit them periodically to “catch up.” Shame, though…Would like to read most of this stuff in real time!

  12. They are def having issues. I just found some comments from long time followers in my Spam box!? Which explains why sometimes when I comment on blogs I don’t get a response from people who normally would. I have had posting glitches as well. 😒

  13. I’m finding most of the bloggers I followed when I first started don’t post any more. Maybe they said what they had to say…..my administrator told me not to get attached. (Too late) and I find many of my followers don’t give me a Lke even to let me know they stopped by……thanks for the visit this week. Cheers,H

  14. I believe that I read something about this a few weeks ago. Evidently, WP select blogs that they deem more ‘readworthy’ and those are the only ones you will see. Obviously the opposite is true, with regard to followers. I’m sorry if this has been commented on on here already. You have a lot of comments and I haven’t had time to read them. X

  15. I gave up trying to understand the mysterious ways of the blogosphere. WP and various sites I contribute to seem driven by some back-end moderator or a marketing guy with a plan, so I had to give up figuring it out and just keep on searching and hoping that I’ll stumble upon great articles now and then. Not a very encouraging response, I know, but it’s less stressful.

  16. I have the same problems.Some og persons I follow don’t give me that email and some other where i write also a comment ,has loose that buttom and i can only like them.Hope this change again

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