Like minded people! Yes please!

I don’t even talk politics anymore, unless I know for sure the people I’m speaking with are like- minded.  Every day it’s some new scandal, our country is going to hell in a hand basket on a rocket full of plutonium!

I am coming to a conclusion that I need and crave the company of like-minded people. Defending ones beliefs and opinions constantly is exhausting. Sure its good to have people who challenge you but I am kind of weary of the fear some have these days. It is really hard to be a progressive in […]

via Like Minded People, Just Saying — The Tony Burgess Blog

17 thoughts on “Like minded people! Yes please!

  1. I think this is true as we grow olderer, I’m definitely more patient with people in general, and tending to be the agreeable one, anything to keep the peace while enjoying my Thursday beers with the lads at the local Pub’

  2. I’m exhausted and I rarely get into heated political debates. I am like minded and I can even see the merit in some of ideals in a truly conservative platform. But we don’t have a any true conservatives speaking up about how the two parties might be able to work together for the good of the country. All I hear is nationalistic noise and demonizing the poor. It is so frustrating to watch this side show taking over our government. To watch people like Steve Bannon pulling the puppet strings.

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