John McCain, you are okay in my book.

Our future is in peril.  Too many Americans didn’t vote in the last presidential election.  More Republicans  need to put our country first, not their twisted agendas.

Donald Trump is a threat to the world.  Democrats and Republicans need to step up and work together, and not let this mentally unstable buffoon get us all killed.

I googled John McCain last night and was appalled by the number of results which labeled him as “Hanoi John”, a traitor, a coward, a friend of the communists in Vietnam, ad nauseam, etc. They were no less distasteful than Trump’s loser quote during the campaign. I never totally agreed with the Senator’s political philosophy, […]


12 thoughts on “John McCain, you are okay in my book.

  1. John McCain, Susan Collins of Maine, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska are all deserving of the thanks of the American people for putting their conscience and the welfare of Americans before party politics. The terrible things said about all of them and also the tactics deployed against the other Republican who said No to the new health plan at the last vote were disgusting and not worthy of the leader of a Great Country.When it comes to voting for the Senate next year I personally would make sure they were the only Republicans voted for.
    Once Trump and his crew are removed from office it really will be time to start making America Great Again.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  2. I have always admired the courage of John McCain to voice his opinions independently! The other two senators had courage also to vote the way they did. And the should not be afraid of Trump! Don’t think they are either!

  3. As an Australian, observing your politics from the outside, i couldn’t understand how such a selfish, and unscrupulous person was voted in as president of America. And now he’s even more of an embarrassment to America, and in the eyes of the rest of the world.

  4. Obamacare or private’s all pretty much crap right now anyway. We had private insurance through Hubs work (and will again, once he’s eligible at his new job which will be in a month or so) and our deductible was TOO DAMN HIGH. I haven’t had a primary care physician in YEARS because we can’t afford to go to one. If one of us gets sick, we deal with it at home when we can and go to the Doc In A Box at the CVS if we can’t. If it’s beyond what she can handle (and we love the NCP at the CVS near our house), we go to an urgent care. Because we just can’t afford the deductible..ours with our old insurance was so high it would’ve taken all three of us going on a monthly doctor visit for an entire YEAR before we met the deductible. And I’ve heard the same from people who have (or had, I guess) insurance through the ACA. The whole damn system is broken and it’s not going to be fixed any time soon.

  5. I think McCain did Trump a favor. The GOP bill was terrible and they would have owned the failure of it. This way, there are still no GOP hands on Obamacare. It’s failure won’t be attributed to the GOP.

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