55 thoughts on “Oh, hell no!

  1. A friend offered me a taste of his sprouts at a restaurant once. They were roasted with bacon and cheese. My reaction was “I hate these less than any other Brussels sprouts I’ve tried. But I still hate them.” I find them so bitter, I really don’t see why people like them. But I have problems with any bitter food.

  2. Ha Ha…Love the face! But I suppose they are not for everyone..Me..I love them and if they have had a frost on them ..so sweet….Now, Jellied ells are another ball game…yuk

  3. I know people who love them but as for me, well your photo here says it all. I’ve never found a brussels sprout I could enjoy although I have tried just because so many people, including one of my sons, have told me how good they are. I do love corn though, so just send me yours and I’ll leave the sprouts in the store.

  4. My husband and children agree with you. That’s the face they make when I cook them. They don’t even have to eat them to make the face. The mere suggestion that they might be in the house is enough for them.

  5. I stopped eating ANY vegetable when I was 2 years old and just started to eat some of them at aged 50. Brussels are one of my favorites especially if they are done with maple and bacon YUMMY

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