Oh those darn millenials!

So I was sitting with one of my staff  doing some training today.  She was writing an email and used & instead of and. OMG! I told her I wasn’t being a grammar snob, but you may not want to use that in a business email. She said she did that all the time. F*&k!  We are doomed! LOL!

Millenials 9-21-17

23 thoughts on “Oh those darn millenials!

      • Well. We took no damage from the storm at our place, and only lost power for a day and half. However the same can not be said for me. The storm sapped all the momentum for recovery I was having. Also my surgeon’s and one of my other doctors offices were damaged and so they have not opened yet. The good news is I am again getting better. Never stop trying at least. Hope all is well for you. I am off to bed . Hugs

      • So sorry to hear about your set back. I’m glad your place didn’t get destroyed. I can’t even imagine what that would be like. I’m sending good thoughts your way from the frozen tundra of Wisconsin!

      • Thank you. That is why after so many years and so many storms we have had enough. We are making plans to sell and leave Florida. We came to Florid the second time to get away from snow, now we are headed back to snow to get away from hurricanes. I am too dang old to play the “will I have a home to return too” four or more time a year. We can not lose refrigerators full of food because of no power and we need power so ron can sleep. He has sleep apnea and M.S. This was bad for both of us. We have had enough of it. Ron has had 40 years of it and says no more. Hugs

  1. I agree that at work, proper grammar should be used, but then I’m old…so…lol. I am not much better. I was at a store and someone said something funny to me and you will never believe what I said. I actually said…lol. It just slipped out and the lady stared at me with a funny look on her face. I said, “wow, I guess I have been playing too many online games lately.”

  2. I’m convinced we’re on a path to a less dignified version of hieroglyphics.
    But at least you coached her! I kid you not, my boss is paralyzed with fear that these millennials will simply walk off the job with any sort of performance management. As for me, payroll is my money, if they don’t give me a decent bang for my buck…I stop buying their time. As long as people keep screwing, there will be another applicant. 😂 <–see what I did there?

  3. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I use the thing a lot of times, hadn’t the slightest why I was not supposed to use it. I despite that word for my own personal reasons. I can’t figure out how even the most polished writers nowadays use it. So be it. Live and let live. 🙂

  4. Talking of excruciating abbreviations in texts, on my birthday a few years ago, one gent texted me, “HBD”.
    In playful revenge, I replied only with, “T.”
    He has not wished me ever again!

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