No parade for you jackass!

 You think of all of the homeless veterans in the U.S., and this draft dodging jackass wants a parade?? Give me an effing break!


I awakened in a dark mood this morning, made even darker when I came downstairs, fired up the baby Dell, and sat down with my first cup of coffee of the day, only two read two news stories about the continuing saga of idiocy that defines the Oval Office these days … Pomp and Circumstance […]

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14 thoughts on “No parade for you jackass!

  1. In many communities there is held an Armed Forces Day Parade which does much of what Trumpy wants to do and the costs is at a fraction of what a DC based parade would command.

  2. I’m Canadian, so grain of salt from someone not directly affected by the political “machinations” to the south, but this is utterly, utterly exhausting. Every single day brings some new debasement to the entire concept of what it means to be a human with a heart and a brain (organs I’m convinced every member of the current administration is totally lacking.) I’m so sorry this is your government (how Canadian am I, apologizing for another country’s governance?!)

  3. The last estimate I have heard for the cost of the military parade was 22 million. This when the republicans in congress and the president keep insisting the military needs more money desperately. SO on top of what they already get the new budget congress has worked out will add 85 million and 80 million for the next two years to the military. Also tRump used the cost of medical care for transexuals as the excuse to ban them from serving in the military. However his parade will cost far more than was estimated for the healthcare of serving trans people. Now I know reason is not welcome in the tRump administration, but others can clearly see the situation for what it is. Hugs

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