Philosophy The Ultimate Fix for Eyes- Review

Happy Easter!  I have to laugh when I see studies for different skin care products that use really small groups. This eye cream by Philosophy was tested on a whopping 31 women. I was really excited to try this when I saw it advertised at Ulta.

It made some hefty promises, “after 12 days, 97% saw a creaseless eye area that looked ironed flat.” Um, hell to the no.

Next, “after one month crepiness reduced by 94%.” Double hell to the no! “After 1 week skin looks smoother and more youthful.”  Liar lair pants on fire!

Here is more hype: “In 31 days hollowness reduced by 64%”. I wonder what kind of drugs these testers were using, and where can I get some.

This eye cream which is .5 ounces and cost $68USD is a complete and utter waste of money.  I’ve been using it twice daily as directed for over a month and have not seen any improvement. I would have returned it, but when I bought it, I had returned some items so I spent $45 USD, which was $45 way too much for an eye cream that didn’t produce any results.

I’ve used Philosophy products in the past, and was happy with the results.  Don’t waste your money on this.

Philosophy Ultimate Worker Fix Eye cream 4-1-18

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10 thoughts on “Philosophy The Ultimate Fix for Eyes- Review

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  2. I’ve forwarded this post on to a couple of interested parties down here in Australia.
    A lot of folk have tread through the valley of empty ‘research based’ promises only to come out the other side a more skeptical but not any less fine-lined version of themselves.

    I think how a lot of these creams work is that because they’re all scented with aromatic oils, just the act of applying the cream feels good and so one’s brain is tricked (at least temporarily) into believing this is a practice they want to keep up. Then reality hits home that probably even vegetable oil may feel nice to apply to your skin but the fine lines are here to stay unless they’re burned out with something god-awful powerful like a laser.

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