Natural White 5 Minute Tooth Whitening System-Review

Happy Sunday! First let me say I’m a big bargain shopper.  I have found a lot of great products at Dollar Tree.  On my last visit, I bought various teeth whitening products and candy.  If you have ever been to a dollar store, they have really fresh candy, just saying.

I purchased Natural White 5 Minute Tooth Whitening System for a whopping dollar at my local Dollar Tree. I just saw the same item for sale on Amazon for $5.50.  It comes with a duplex mouth tray and a tube of whitening gel that is .75 ounces.  When I first showed it to my husband he was convinced it must have contained lead or something since I got it from the dollar store. Not only did it not contain lead, but it’s made in the United States.

This stuff works great! I’ve got quite a few crowns so I wouldn’t spend the money to have a professional bleaching done at the dentist’s office. Plus my dentist charges $300!

I would have to say I’ve lightened my teeth several shades. It works fine even with me having all of these crowns.  If you are expecting paper white teeth, it’s not going to happen, besides on what planet does that look natural????

Natural White 5 Minute Tooth Whitening System 4-1-18

One thing about items purchased from Dollar Tree, if you see something you like, buy them all. Well, no try it first, then go back and buy all of them. Seriously, they usually only have items like this once. I snatched up about five of them on my last trip.

Oh, and don’t forget the candy!

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7 thoughts on “Natural White 5 Minute Tooth Whitening System-Review

  1. This review surprised me.
    As I was reading down I kept waiting for the part where you tossed the thing in the bin and made a charity donation to the store. I’m happy you found a product that sounds like it definitely delivered value for money and to some extent really worked.

    I on the other hand have tried so many of these tooth whitening products over the years (plus back in 2004 spent a king’s ransom having professional tooth whitening performed by my dentist) with zero results I have stopped buying them and concluded I just don’t have the kind of tooth enamel that reacts with whatever is in these products.

    Happy for someone else that’s found success so inexpensively. Makes me want to start up the search again… maybe!

  2. Here in Brooklyn NY we have independently owned 99 cent stores that sell many reasonably priced beauty products. I have found Jordana make-up agrees with my skin and is has very light, flattering shades of lipstick, blush and eye-shadow that look well on a mature woman. Nothing costs more than $2-3 in the Jordana line.

    I also love the “U” line of skin care products. They make a green tea-cucumber bath wash that has a lovely fragrance. There is also a line of skin creams that is comparable to Ponds but is less than a $1.99 for a large jar.

    Keep reviewing those products as you find them. I enjoy comparing products and experiences with other bargain shoppers.

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