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Great tips!  Also download WhatsApp on your smartphone to stay in contact.  We recently traveled to Costa Rica and Panama.  This was our first long trip without our teenager. We kept in daily contact using WhatsApp. All you need is a WIFI connection.  You can talk and text.

We traveled for 10 days, and had our clothes washed half way through.  Some locals in Bastimentos, Panama washed our clothes for $5 a load! No down time sitting in a laundry on vacation.

Originally posted on The Wandering Broski: Lets face it bro, unless you’ve won the lottery, saving money whilst travelling is a must if you want to extend the time of your life! Here’s some tips on how to continue the wanderlust… Find the cheapest flights. Save money on flights = more money for travelling bro!…

Top 10 Hacks To Save Money While Travelling.

Traveling with men-a must have

Can I just say that I wish I had invented this product? It’s Fresh Drop Bathroom Odor Preventor. OMG! A lifesaver when you are traveling. I just got back from vacation, and the bathroom didn’t have a fan (which is unusual).  I put this little gem next to the toilet and reminded both my husband and son to use it before going number two.

When you are sharing a hotel room, a little stink can go a long way.  This wondamus product will prevent the most vile emptying of the bowels not to kill you or your traveling companions.  Really, there have been times before I found Fresh Drop that I would literally gag after the hubby or son took a big one.

Actually it’s not a bad idea to carry a bottle with you.  You never know when that awkward moment might hit, and you don’t want to die of embarrassment.  Stacy’s travel tip for the day. You are welcome world. Drop 8-31-15

Heart Attack Grill-Las Vegas, Nevada

On a recent trip to Las Vegas, we came across this restaurant on Fremont Street.  I recognized the place from a travel show I saw awhile back.  They boast about having a 20,000 calorie hamburger. Our hotel was two blocks away, so we walked past this place numerous times during our stay.  There is a huge sign on the front saying if you weigh 350 pounds, you eat for free. Now mind you there is an industrial size scale in front of this place.  We saw countless folks hopping on the scale which had huge neon letters with your weight for the world to see. OMG! If you have ever been to Las Vegas, you have to check out the “old” Las Vegas Fremont Street Experience. What a freak show.  If I was visiting from another country and seeing Americans for the first time, I would think most are ginormous slobs, judging by the people we saw on Fremont Street.

Lots of people go to Las Vegas to gamble, and eat and drink excessively. That’s cool, but my husband and I and our son went because it’s a cheap place to fly into, and hotels are dirt cheap.  We only stayed for three days.  We started our trip by staying at Death Valley National park in California. Wow, talk about a culture shock.  There are only three hotels in the entire Death Valley Park.  It wasn’t crowded, and we didn’t see drunken fools everywhere.

This was our second trip to Vegas, and will be our last.  Everything there is so fake. The malls in the casinos haveHeart Attack Grill Signage 3 Heart Attack Grill-Vegas 2015 ceilings painted to look like clouds, so you think you are outside.  I’ll take a hike in the mountains any day.

Foreign Travel Tips

We recently traveled to Costa Rica.  This was the first time we rented a car while traveling out of the country. I highly recommend renting a GPS. We flew into San Jose and drove to the Arenal region which is in central Costa Rica.  Road signs were far and few and in Spanish, which I don’t speak.  We used a GPS that came with our travel package.  The next time we travel abroad we will get the GPS from the car rental agency.

We stayed in the Arenal area for three days then drove to Tamarindo for three days.  Even though it was only 133 miles it took us 4 hours as the speed limit is much slower.  The majority of the roads are only two lanes, and you are slowing down constantly as you are driving through many small towns.

I would highly recommend Costa Rica as a travel destination.  We went for a week with our teenage son and had a wonderful time.  The locals were very friendly and the scenery was beautiful.  We hiked in the rain forest, and enjoyed lively night life in Tamarindo Beach on the Pacific Ocean.