It’s about time!

Happy Saturday! I recently wrote a post about what to do if you get a better paying job.  I’m happy to report that three weeks into my new job,  I think I have found the perfect job!

I’ve been working for many years, and have had many jobs.  I’ve had some good jobs along the way.  I’m currently working in a male dominated industry where of the top three people under the president, two of them are women, including myself.

We are encouraged to take our staff members out to lunch, frequently, and on the company.  I have never experienced a company that cares so much about their employees.  At least four times in the last three weeks, the boss has asked “who wants a cocktail?” at 3 pm.  He has a refrigerator in his office filled with beer!

Just yesterday, the boss told us we could leave at 2 pm!  We have a company outing today for a baseball game.

I apologize for appearing to be boasting about my job.  The point I’m trying to make is, that great job is out there.  I’m 58, and loved my last job and thought that was where I was going to be until I retire.  It didn’t work out, our sales dropped off, and my hours were cut.

I was talking with my co-worker whose husband lost his job awhile ago.  He’s afraid to get another job because of the bad experience he had.  He’s all of 27.  If I had had that mentality, I would have stopped working years ago.  We have all worked for jerks at some point in our lives.  I’ve worked for some real butt wipes.

I don’t have the luxury of not working, I never have, and I’m fine with it. Don’t stay in that miserable job, it takes so much out of you both mentally and physically.  I’ve been there and it sucks.

Don’t feel like you can’t find a better job because you have job hopped.  I’ve been a job hopper like I’ve been a yo yo dieter! I’ve always managed to get better jobs.  Having confidence in your ability is a huge plus.  I worked at a university where my boss was absolutely horrible to me.  I lasted for a year, and was let go. She continued on with her reign of terror for another five years before she was finally fired. After I left, I doubted my ability to be an accountant.  No one has ever made me feel like that in my life.  Never again will I put up with someone so horrible. I told her once that if I treated her like she treated me, we could come to blows.  It was that bad.  She caused my co-worker to get shingles because she was being harassed by this woman.  Management stood by and did nothing. Talk about a toxic environment!

To sum things up, always know your strengths and have confidence in your abilities and yourself.  You will win in the end.

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Oh snap, dumb ass Trump!

When Donald Trump visited the French leader, he lied about the cause of his problems at home, defended his bimbo eldest son for conspiring with Russian emissaries to throw the presidential election, and made condescending remarks to the foreign leader’s wife about her appearance. Then he went to dinner, at no less than the very […]

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Far Right Interpreted NPR’s Tweeting Of The US Constitution As Dishing President Trump

Are you telling me Trump supporters listen to NPR? I didn’t think they knew what NPR stood for, maybe they thought is was the NRA! Ha ha!

Gronda Morin

Image result for photos of the constitution and paintings with forefathersOn July 4, 2017, NPR News tweeted the entire US Constitution to honor the US July 4th Independence day, our day of celebrating when this country broke away from the United Kingdom to become the USA.

But conservatives who were not familiar with this famous document took offense to certain passages which they believed  described the republican President Donald Trump in an unflattering way. And they responded, accordingly.

Dear Conservatives, “Methinks thou protest too much.”

Image result for photos of the constitution and paintings with forefathersHere is the rest of the story...

On July 5, 2017,  Jeremy Binckes of Salon penned the following report along with a transcript of US Constitution that some on the right found so offensive, “NPR’s Declaration of Independence tweet-storm angered some Trump supporters.”

“In an act of patriotism and civic responsibility, National Public Radio tweeted out the full Declaration of Independence — the document that told England’s King George that the 13 colonies would be…

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Confessions of a Beancounter

I have bad luck.  What an understatement.  Two years ago I found what I thought was going to be the last job of my career.   I had a great boss, super co-workers and a laid back work environment.  I also increased my income substantially from my previous position.

I’ve always been good with money, given I’m an accountant, one would assume so. I’ve also learned to live very well, but not on a lot of money. I didn’t get my degree until 12 years ago, and prior to that always made enough to get by.

I worked in construction.  Our boss took us out to lunch regularly and for cocktails on a Friday afternoon.  I could wear jeans, my boss never micromanaged me.  At the job I had prior to this one, I had the boss from hell.  So this new position was the dream job I had been waiting for all my life.

I was finally being paid for what I was worth, and then some.  The first thing I did was start buying a lot of stuff. Not expensive things, but it was adding up quickly.  I increased my income by 35% in my new position.  I actually enjoyed coming to work.

Everything was great, until it wasn’t.  While I was starting to plan for my retirement, my hours got cut.  I knew things were slow, but I had hoped sales would turn around.  When this didn’t happen I found another job.  It was sad to leave, but I needed to work full time.

Here are a few things I learned from this job experience.

  1. Never assume a job is forever. Most people don’t, but I truly thought this was it for me.
  2. Pay off everything you can, as soon as you can.
  3. Don’t feel like you can’t have a life because you are trying to pay everything off. Life is too short.
  4. Reevaluate your spending habits. The majority of my clothes are from Goodwill, and let me tell you I have an amazing wardrobe.
  5. Start saving money when you are young. I so wish I had done this.  I teach financial literacy to high school students, and really impress upon them how important this is. If your job has a 401k with a match, it’s free money.   Even if you only put in a minimal amount, it’s better than nothing.
  6. Learn everything you can from your current job, you never know when that may help you in your next position.
  7. I’ve had a lot of job over the years. I keep in contact with former bosses and co-workers.  You never know when they might know of a job or can give you a good reference.
  8. Finally, don’t burn bridges when you leave a position, no matter how bad it was. Trust me; it won’t do you any good.


July 4th-It’s only Tuesday!

For the past few years I’ve posted July 4th nail art.  This year is different. While I didn’t intentionally paint my nails these colors for July 4th, this is how I feel. The blue tips are for me being disgusted with what is happening in the United States, and I’m blue. The flat pink is for Pepto Bismol, which is an antacid reliever, as I feel sick to my stomach.  I wanted to celebrate independence day, but with the way things are going in the United States, I’m not sure how much longer we will be independent.

Pepto Bismol

We have a juvenile numb nuts for president who is clearly mentally unstable.  If he doesn’t like what is said about him in the media (which is a lot) he shouts fake news! His die hard followers believe whatever he spews forth.  I really want to believe that all of his supporters can’t be that stupid, but one really has to wonder.  Wake the f*&k up my fellows Americans, before this jackass takes us any farther down the rabbit hole.

July 4 2017 Mani

July 4 2017 -1

July 4, 2017 …. “😳 Just Another Day …. first time in my life …. 😳 …. !””

My co-worker today asked what I was doing for July 4th. I said I’m doing nothing, as the reality show that is our current administration has me feeling very unpatriotic.  I was talking with my husband later and said this may be our last July 4th as we know it.  I hope like hell I’m wrong.


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