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http://www.yahoo.com/news/what-just-happened-with-carrier-is-crazy-223106708.html And now, Trump has persuaded Carrier to keep at least half of the 2,000 jobs it planned to outsource in Indiana, a remarkable instance of federal arm-twisting aimed at a single corporation… Everyone’s talking about how Trump saved 1,000 jobs, yet no one wants to mention the other 1,000 jobs that are going to […]

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So NBC’s Brian Williams got suspended for six months without pay.

I  have to say I like Brian Williams, but did he really think he could lie about events that never happened? Come on, we all lie about stuff, but most of us are not making a boatload of money to deliver the national news.

Maybe we can get NBC to start suspending all of these politicians that lie on a regular basis. Now that would be sweet.