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2016 was the hottest year on record-CNN


The new administration about to take over in the United States is all about deregulation.  Most of the cabinet picks are not qualified for the positions they are about to hold.  President elect Trump has stated he wants to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement.  Not only does this not bode well for the United States, it affects the planet as a whole.

More than half of the voting population in the United States did not vote for Trump. He’s cozy with Vladimir Putin, and U.S. intelligence has shown that Russia interfered in our election.  I can only hope this buffoon of a president elect swiftly gets impeached.

I love my country and my way of life, but I’m afraid all of that is about to change drastically. We as Americans must stand up to this fascist regime about to take over our country.  I have lived too long and worked to hard to let some orange haired idiot ruin our planet and country.


Ku Klux Klan celebrates Trump victory — Dear Kitty. Some blog-Nice slice of Americana!

Can I just say this is disgusting!  We are going backwards daily, and Trump hasn’t even been sworn in yet. Not my president.


This video from the USA says about itself: 4 December 2016 A convoy of Ku Klux Klan (KKK) members drove through Roxboro, North Carolina on Saturday to celebrate the victory of President-elect Donald Trump in the US elections. By Mary Papenfuss in the USA: Ku Klux Klan Members Drive Through North Carolina Town To Hail […]

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What about me? — All Things Chronic

http://www.yahoo.com/news/what-just-happened-with-carrier-is-crazy-223106708.html And now, Trump has persuaded Carrier to keep at least half of the 2,000 jobs it planned to outsource in Indiana, a remarkable instance of federal arm-twisting aimed at a single corporation… Everyone’s talking about how Trump saved 1,000 jobs, yet no one wants to mention the other 1,000 jobs that are going to […]

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IOTD …. Image of the Day …. Special Edition …. “New Meaning of POTUS …. “!! — It Is What It Is

~~November 29, 2016~~ POTUS There was a time when I didn’t know what ‘POTUS‘ meant. It became clear, at some time, that it bore a major meaning when referring to the ‘PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES’. In my humble opinion, I’d say that this has totally changed in the minds of half of the American […]

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No, President-elect, We Do Not Have To Play Nice — Gronda Morin

“We the people” are hearing from the republican President-elect Donald Trump that we need to come together to support his plans to lift up our country. His pleading is for us to allow him enough time to prove that he will make good on his promises. He and his surrogates are asking for the public […]

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A great read by Dan Rather

Very strong words from Dan Rather, an American journalist.  I will not stand by and watch my beloved country destroyed.

Dan Rather Just Demanded Americans Choose Sides Against Trump’s Nazis In Viral Post