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http://www.yahoo.com/news/what-just-happened-with-carrier-is-crazy-223106708.html And now, Trump has persuaded Carrier to keep at least half of the 2,000 jobs it planned to outsource in Indiana, a remarkable instance of federal arm-twisting aimed at a single corporation… Everyone’s talking about how Trump saved 1,000 jobs, yet no one wants to mention the other 1,000 jobs that are going to […]

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  1. Sadly it is worse than this even. News reports say he only saved at most 800 jobs. 1,300 jobs will still be sent out of country. Plus instead of getting the company to stay in a way that benefited taxpayers it is reported he and Gov. Pence promised huge tax breaks and cash grants to the company of worth up to 7 million dollars to the parent company. The parent company is United Technologies and it has huge government contracts. Now they will be given money that the state of Indiana taxpayers, and the U.S. taxpayers country wide, are on the hook for. The deal is exactly what Trump said he wouldn’t do , and that he blamed everyone else for doing. Yet he did exactly that. Now every business that wants to gain a tax break or a cash in infusion of free taxpayer money can do the same thing, threaten to move their jobs over seas. With all these tax breaks and cash grants who is paying the taxes these companies were paying? Yes you, the ones who have least and struggle most will pay. Plus the government will have less money for social security and disability, medicare, and medicaid. That will mean less money for people on social security, harder time getting disability for those who need it, more restrictions on disability, and higher premiums for medicare, and lastly less availability for medicaid. I wonder if the poor and retired people who voted for trump , a wealthy man all his life living in a golden tower who they claimed would look out for them the little guy, say now. They wanted a shake up, looks they they are on the wrong end of the stick. Sadly we will all pay for their lack of judgement. I will not be happy with them when they start to complain how much it hurts. They caused this, they do not get the right to whine now. Hugs

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