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Laura Geller Baked Blush N Brighten Dupe

Happy Sunday! Being a snowy day today, I went shopping. I had to make my second Ulta trip this week because I needed to pick up something for my co-worker. Months ago I got a Laura Gellar Baked Blush N Brighten in Tropic Hues from Ipsy.  I really like the color and was contemplating buying a full size which is $28.  I have a 20% off coupon for my entire purchase that I’m holding out buying anything until I have a ton of stuff to buy. Since I’m a platinum rewards member at Ulta, my 20% off coupon works for prestige brands.  Anywho, I was looking at some clearance items and found the almost exact color by Palladio. I’m guessing Ulta won’t be carrying this line any longer since everything was on clearance.  I do see they carry this at Sally Beauty Palladio Herbal Baked Blush in Blushin’ for $6.99.  I paid $1.79 at Ulta.  I was able to compare the two colors at the store.

Holy cow!  They are almost identical. The swatch looks a wee bit different, but they look the same on.



Such a pretty peachy color

This is such a nice color on my pasty white skin.


Still have Bell’s palsy so no smile and a half assed make up job.



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Goodwill Year End Haul

Happy Sunday!   I cleaned my closet this weekend and filled five garbage bags with clothes to donate. While I was cleaning, I realized that I have way too many clothes.  But I’m a woman and we can never have too many clothes, kind of the same way  we feel about shoes.

Since it’s officially winter here in Wisconsin, I was jonesing for some different sweaters, so off I went to Goodwill.  It’s snowing today, so the store was hardly busy at all, yeah!  No screaming kids! I scored lots of good stuff. Of course I need nothing, but that never stops me.

For a whopping $22, I got two pairs of pants, four sweaters, two tee shirts, a tank top and a hippy blouse.

All of the items were name brand and in excellent condition.  I got 8 items for 50% off the tag price, then 25% off of my entire purchase.

Here are my sweaters.  I especially like the paisley print cardigan.

The tee shirts and tank top will look great under sweaters I already own.

And this cute hippy blouse. Super comfy.


I also got a pair of Dockers trouser jeans and some black Levi corduroys. Now I’m all set, at least until I lose the 30 pounds hanging off my arse.

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