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Hope for Everywhere Concealer by Philosphy-Review

Happy Saturday!  I purchased Philosophy Hope for Everywhere Concealer back in July at Ulta. I recently had a 20% off my entire purchase at Ulta, so I picked some up.  I paid $19.86.  The color I have is 4.5, which isn’t on the website, but was available in the store. I paid $26 back in July, and usually don’t spend this much on concealer.  It works well and stays on all day.  I have dark circles and this covers them well. My under eye lines do seem to be decreased with this concealer.

I looked on Ebay for giggles and found this concealer for a whopping $7.50.  Same exact concealer as I bought at Ulta for way less.  I purchase the majority of my perfume on Ebay for super cheap too. Winner winner chicken dinner!


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Fabulous, Functional & Frugal Fashion Tip #10 — Bold Blind Beauty

Makeup Expiration Dates There are very few things I feel I truly need. For example there’s air, water, shelter, food, clothing (although I suppose this could be optional if I lived in a warmer climate, but then again I’d probably scare the natives). These things I couldn’t live without for sure however I’m gonna tack on […]

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Avoid Getting Robbed On Holiday — Cherryl’s Blog-Great travel tips

One tip I would add is to limit the amount of jewelry you wear. I bought my husband and myself matching silver wedding bands. If they were stolen, I would have been out less than $20 USD.  I wore a cheap watch and silver hoops for the entire vacation.

We recently vacationed for ten days in Costa Rica and Panama.  Of the four hotels we stayed in, only one had a room safe. We used ATM’s throughout our vacation so we never were carrying very much cash. I also had a good lock on my suitcase.  We stayed in small family owned resorts, but if our bags would have been tampered with, we would have known right away.  Many years ago, on my last day of a Mexico vacation, my contacts lenses and a earrings were stolen from our room when we went to breakfast. I didn’t think to lock up because we were just going to breakfast.  I won’t make that mistake again.


In addition to Being a Chameleon Abroad here are a few tips to help you avoid being a victim of theft on holiday (and at home): If you must take expensive items out with you, try to make them appear broken or damaged. Stick some tape around parts of your gadgets, (e.g. parcel tape on your iPad). […]

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“Pro Trump Electors Receive Death Threats?” Yeah Right… — tooncestales

The really scary thing is the electors who are against Trump are the ones receiving death threats. Our country is going to hell in a hand basket.

Kellyanne Conway is up to her old tricks again; this lying charismatic psychopath and her narcissistic boss are now spreading the rumor that poor defenseless Donald will not be elected President of The United States because electors willing to vote for him are being threatened. Please… Does anyone really believe this lie! We all know […]

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