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Hope for Everywhere Concealer by Philosphy-Review

Happy Saturday!  I purchased Philosophy Hope for Everywhere Concealer back in July at Ulta. I recently had a 20% off my entire purchase at Ulta, so I picked some up.  I paid $19.86.  The color I have is 4.5, which isn’t on the website, but was available in the store. I paid $26 back in July, and usually don’t spend this much on concealer.  It works well and stays on all day.  I have dark circles and this covers them well. My under eye lines do seem to be decreased with this concealer.

I looked on Ebay for giggles and found this concealer for a whopping $7.50.  Same exact concealer as I bought at Ulta for way less.  I purchase the majority of my perfume on Ebay for super cheap too. Winner winner chicken dinner!


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Galaxy Chic Baked Eye shadow by Cosmetics in Asteroid-Review

Having had an Ipsy.com subscription for over two years, I’ve gotten a ton of stuff.  I got the above referenced eye shadow last year.  I only use it on the weekends when I really want my blue eyes to stand out.  I wear glasses so every little bit helps. It is the most beautiful bronzy shade I have ever seen.  It has flecks of blue in a bronze base.  I went to the company website today to get pricing, and they only sell it in a palette of 18 shades.  The price is right, at only $7.95 for the palette.  Well I don’t need 18 more eye shadows, so I found it on EBay, and I’m bidding on it right now. Dang, if I had only known I wouldn’t be able to find it again I would have bought more last year. This is what happens when you have so much flipping make up like me.  I can’t help it.  I love trying new things, and hate to throw stuff out in case I might use it someday.  That was how I discovered Josie Maran 100% Argan Oil.  I had gotten it in one of my Ipsy bags, and used it for a rash I had on my face.  Not only did the Argan Oil clear up my rash, but my skin looks amazing now.

I think I need to start using all of the Ipsy stuff more often. Here are some photos of how awesome this eye shadow color is. If anyone knows of a similar color, please comment below.  Oh and I know my brows need some help.  They are blonde, and a bit sparse, but I’m working what I got. Galaxy Chic Baked Eye Shadow 12-14-14 Galaxy Chic Baked Eye Shadow 12-14-14.jpg-AsteroidHopefully I’m not heading to Joan Crawford town with my brows.  Plus I’m basically blind without my glasses, so I’m thinking it may be time for one of those handy dandy magnifying mirrors. Man it’s hell getting old. Thanks!Galaxy Chic Baked Eye Shadow 12-14-14.jpg-Eyes open

Just another reason to love Ipsy.com!

I have had my subscription to Ipsy.com for two years now.  For $10 a month I get five cosmetic items, plus a cosmetic bag.  I usually get several full size items, along with deluxe samples.  I get skin care, nail polish, hair care, etc.  As you can imagine, after two years, I have a lot of stuff. A lot of cool stuff that I usually put in a drawer and forget about.  I have a stash of unwanted stuff that I have been sending to my niece over the years.  For the most part, I love everything I get.  It is fun trying brands I have never heard off. I got some blue brown eye shadow that simply looks amazing with my blue eyes.

I’ve been in menopause for five years now, and let me tell you it sucks!  Most of the unpleasantness I’ve been able to handle.  My skin is one of my best assets, so when I got a funky rash on my face recently I was flipping out.  I mean really, it is a good thing I don’t smoke, as my hair is a fire hazard these days.  I can deal with most things not looking so great, but when the hair and skin go, I’m basically screwed.  I’m a middle aged woman, and I know  I’ll never look like I did when I was in my 20’s; and I’m fine with that. But I do want to look good for my age.  So I’m trying everything I can find for this stupid rash, and nothing was working.  We had a party to go to this past weekend, and I was hoping it would clear up. You can only cover up so much with make-up.

I was rummaging around in my junk drawer in the bathroom trying anything that could help with this rash.  I came across some Josie Maran Pure Argan oil I had gotten in one of my Ipsy.com bags. I thought, what the heck, let’s give this a try.  I had never used oil on my face before, but given the dry patches I had everywhere, I had nothing to lose. OMG! This is the best face product I have encountered in my 50 plus years on the planet! It’s that good.  I have used super expensive face creams to drug store brands, but never had such immediate results.  Within several days of using the Josie Maran Pure Argan oil at night, my rash was gone.  Plus my skin looks amazing.  I just ordered some Josie Maran sunscreen .5 ounces with a 47 SPF on eBay for $9.50.  The price of Josie’s products are very reasonable, with travel sizes available.  On Josiemarancosmetics.com, the same SPF was $14, and I paid $9.50 with free shipping on eBay.com.  I was comparison shopping between Josie’s website and eBay.  One thing you will want to note on eBay is you have to look closely at the size.  Some eBay sellers have the wrong size listed.  It is a good idea to look at the photo on eBay to see the actual size.  Also for sunscreens be sure to check the expiration date.  If you don’t see one, don’t order it.

Here is a photo of me from the party I was at this past Saturday.  Doesn’t my skin look great?  Not too shabby for a soon to be 56 year old woman.  Now, if I could only make my nose look smaller.




Using Josie Maran Pure Argan Oil for three days

Using Josie Maran Pure Argan Oil for three days

Dollar Tree Booyah-Revlon Top Speed Nail Polish, 3N1 Nail Art Pen

I truly love the fact that Dollar Tree is next to my local grocery store.  On my visit to Dollar Tree this week I found some great Revlon nail polish.  I had to dig through a lot of stuff, as the kid who worked there was putting stuff away all over the place.  I picked up five Revlon Top Speed fast dry nail enamels.  They are Fire #510, a true red shade, Espresso #840, a deep shade of brown, Grape #660 a dark amethyst color, Vintage #570 a lovely fuchsia color, and my favorite Varnished #360, a shimmery pewter.

I change my nail Dollar Tree 10-22-14 polish every few days.  Last week I went to a wedding and had on twelve coats from the previous weeks.  I just keep painting over the old color, and no one is the wiser.  I get compliments on my nails all the time. I tried finding the colors I bought online and found out they were all discontinued.  Who cares?? I got them for a buck each.   I did find the polishes on Ebay and Amazon for much more.   The total price elsewhere $31, I paid $5! Revlon is a good brand of polish, and stays on much better than really cheap polish like LA Colors.

The polish was repackaged, so they seem pretty darn fresh. And like the name says, they dry superfast.  I do my nails before I go to bed, as I don’t want to waste any prime time I could be watching something stupid on TV. Or surfing the internet for new and exciting information.  I actually do my nails in the bathroom as the lighting is good, since I don’t wear my glasses while applying.  I guess I’m lucky any of it gets on my nails, as I’m blind as a bat without them.  Oh wait, I’m hunched over with my eyeballs six inches away. Man, its hell getting old.

I also got a Sassy & Chic 3N1 Nail Art pen in Blueberry.  I’m having all kinds of fun with nail art these days. I got a Sassy & Chic 7 Way Nail Buffer.  Not a bad haul for $7, wait no $8 counting the Tootsie Rolls I got, which lasted for two whole days.  A girl’s gotta have some candy while she’s doing her nails.

Tips for Buying Beauty Products on EBay

I love to shop for beauty products.  I like trying new stuff.   I usually get most of my skin care products at Ulta.  I’m a rewards member and often have coupons.  I really like Neutrogena Rapid Tone Repair Moisturizer with sunscreen. It has a broad spectrum SPF of 30, which is crucial.  I’ve been using it for about 6 months now.   The bottle is 1 ounce and lasts me about a month, using it every day.  I have seen a marked improvement in the tone of my skin.  I had a few sun spots that have virtually faded to nothing. It has also softened some of my wrinkles.

I’ve been spending around $20 a month for one bottle.   I try to get it on sale when I can.  After doing some research, I’ve discovered that EBay has the best price.  I recently paid $10.50 for my last bottle of my new favorite day cream.

Today I checked the price on several websites, they are as follows:

Walmart.com-$17.97, Ulta.com-$21.99, Walgreens.com-$23.49 and Ebay.com $12.50 with free shipping.  I recommend buying products you use all the time on EBay.  I did buy a ROC moisturizer a month ago on EBay for half of what it normally costs. I read positive reviews; however it ended up irritating my skin, so I stopped using it. Had I bought the ROC at Ulta, I could have returned it.

Make sure to check for an expiration date when shopping on EBay.  Sunscreen will break down after one year, and not be as effective.

EBay is a great place to buy perfume too.  I have purchased perfume that I haven’t been able to find anywhere else for a reasonable price.  I can’t remember the last time I bought fragrance at a department store.  The best value on fragrance seems to be when you buy a gift set. One thing I have noticed on fragrance lotion is, once it’s opened the scent doesn’t last for very long.  If you aren’t going to be using it the all the time, I would skip it.

I love when I can shop from my couch and get great deals. Plus no coupons to clip!