Dollar Tree Booyah-Revlon Top Speed Nail Polish, 3N1 Nail Art Pen

I truly love the fact that Dollar Tree is next to my local grocery store.  On my visit to Dollar Tree this week I found some great Revlon nail polish.  I had to dig through a lot of stuff, as the kid who worked there was putting stuff away all over the place.  I picked up five Revlon Top Speed fast dry nail enamels.  They are Fire #510, a true red shade, Espresso #840, a deep shade of brown, Grape #660 a dark amethyst color, Vintage #570 a lovely fuchsia color, and my favorite Varnished #360, a shimmery pewter.

I change my nail Dollar Tree 10-22-14 polish every few days.  Last week I went to a wedding and had on twelve coats from the previous weeks.  I just keep painting over the old color, and no one is the wiser.  I get compliments on my nails all the time. I tried finding the colors I bought online and found out they were all discontinued.  Who cares?? I got them for a buck each.   I did find the polishes on Ebay and Amazon for much more.   The total price elsewhere $31, I paid $5! Revlon is a good brand of polish, and stays on much better than really cheap polish like LA Colors.

The polish was repackaged, so they seem pretty darn fresh. And like the name says, they dry superfast.  I do my nails before I go to bed, as I don’t want to waste any prime time I could be watching something stupid on TV. Or surfing the internet for new and exciting information.  I actually do my nails in the bathroom as the lighting is good, since I don’t wear my glasses while applying.  I guess I’m lucky any of it gets on my nails, as I’m blind as a bat without them.  Oh wait, I’m hunched over with my eyeballs six inches away. Man, its hell getting old.

I also got a Sassy & Chic 3N1 Nail Art pen in Blueberry.  I’m having all kinds of fun with nail art these days. I got a Sassy & Chic 7 Way Nail Buffer.  Not a bad haul for $7, wait no $8 counting the Tootsie Rolls I got, which lasted for two whole days.  A girl’s gotta have some candy while she’s doing her nails.

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