Ku Klux Klan celebrates Trump victory — Dear Kitty. Some blog-Nice slice of Americana!

Can I just say this is disgusting!  We are going backwards daily, and Trump hasn’t even been sworn in yet. Not my president.


This video from the USA says about itself: 4 December 2016 A convoy of Ku Klux Klan (KKK) members drove through Roxboro, North Carolina on Saturday to celebrate the victory of President-elect Donald Trump in the US elections. By Mary Papenfuss in the USA: Ku Klux Klan Members Drive Through North Carolina Town To Hail […]

via Ku Klux Klan celebrates Trump victory — Dear Kitty. Some blog

43 thoughts on “Ku Klux Klan celebrates Trump victory — Dear Kitty. Some blog-Nice slice of Americana!

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    • “Laugh best who laughs last” Trump presidency will be an hilarious and tawdry one. So don’t worry he will get into all sorts of problems and the Ku Klux Klan is one of them already. In the meanwhile you can enjoy all the clowning. In my view Trump’s election is a reality check for the USA and Europe too. Many voters have become too stupid, easy to manipulate and gullible that is why he won. On the other hand Obama spoke a lot but was quite ineffective and so many thought that Hilary would be the same. In 4 years time or even before there will be another president most probably democratic. Presidents and prime ministers are only temporary, like everything they come and go.

      • I think that you are too sensitive and with reason upset. Also my characteristics… However in life I learnt that everything passes and I also believe that the media is exaggerating the all thing with scary stories to stir things and sell more. The people that will run the white house may be not good but they also have families and personal interests so they will not do very stupid things especially when they will learn that not being nice and tolerant backfire. They will learn to behave or they will be out.

      • I hope you are right. I got a letter from our school district saying how bullying has increased as of late (i.e. since the election). My son is a senior, and I’ve never received anything like this before. It’s real and it’s happening. I appreciate the different perspective.

      • There are so many idiots around. The same is happening in England with Brexit. I hope that the new government realizes the problem and give harsh sentences to those who commit hate crimes. They will have to because it’s in their interest. If hate crimes and bullying will continue in the USA then Trump’s government will be short lived.

      • Me too. Most people knowledge nowadays is based only on what they read, hear or see in the media. There is hardly any face to face interchange of opinions or ideas. Everybody is a professor, CEO, guru or something. In reality we live in the age of the illusion of knowledge. Unfortunately those in power who control the media want to keep people ignorant and misinformed so that they can manipulate them.

  2. Why, after all the murders that can be laid at it’s door and all the hate it generates is the KKK not a banned group? It’s disgusting that they still have the freedom to do this. It’s also disgusting that the President Elect of the United States should align himself with a group like this but at least it warns you there’s nothing good to come for the next four years and anyone who thinks it a fair swap for some jobs being returned to the U.S. ( OR at least not sent abroad) is going to find they haven’t benefited as they hoped.
    In four years the Republican party need assigning to the political graveyard until they change their method of politics.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  3. How about the “Heil Trump’s” at his rally, He does nothing to stop it but he doesn’t remember what happened to the guy they used to Heil to…

  4. I am sorry but we were on the path to putting the problem in a bottle and sealing the top. Now it has sprung loose and spread. It will ooze over our country and as far as it can until it can be stood up to. So now the thing we need to do is our best to stop its spread and push it back into the bottle. Maybe this time when we get it back into the bottle we can seal it forever away. Hugs

  5. I promised myself to judge news and especially online news differently. I look at the source and won’t just take anything for guaranteed. I am not a Trump supporter -as you know. I can see the Confederate flags but where in this little clip does it say or show that it is indeed a KKK parade?

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