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Bernie Sanders breaks it down

I so wish Bernie Sanders would have won the presidential election of 2016.  We saw him in Sept. in Milwaukee.  I was amazed at the turn out, and how many young people were there.  He makes sense, and really breaks down Trump’s promises he made during the campaign.  A true American.


I wish I could make people sit down and listen to this. I am not sure if it would do any good, it seems you can’t reach people on the other side anymore.

via Bernie Sanders talks money — The happy Quitter!

Aaron Sorkin Letter to his daughter

This letter by American Aaron Sorkin, an Oscar winning screenwriter, to his 15 year old daughter, sums up how many Americans felt about this election.  Vanity Fair is a mainstream publication, no Fox News bullshit.



Good News! I won’t be getting murdered in my sleep! Woo Hoo!

Much to me and my husband’s chagrin, our only child has come out as a Republican.  This has been a recent occurrence, and was quite troubling.  He’s known his whole life that his dad and I are Democrats.  He’s a teenager, (and can’t vote yet) so this could just be a phase he’s going through.

Well today is the presidential election here in the United States, and the campaign has been long and very ugly.  My family in Indiana has appeared to divorce me, well, they are a bunch of racists rednecks anyway. I can talk to my relatives and not talk politics, they can’t seem to separate the fact that a. I’m their sister, b. I’m a proud Democrat.  Quite sad, and their loss anyway.

The good news? I asked my son if Trump didn’t win would he murder me in my sleep?  He said no, and I was very glad. I will sleep better tonight, knowing that my only son isn’t going to kill me, and hopefully Hillary Clinton wins.teen-anger-violence-against-parent