Bernie Sanders breaks it down

I so wish Bernie Sanders would have won the presidential election of 2016.  We saw him in Sept. in Milwaukee.  I was amazed at the turn out, and how many young people were there.  He makes sense, and really breaks down Trump’s promises he made during the campaign.  A true American.


I wish I could make people sit down and listen to this. I am not sure if it would do any good, it seems you can’t reach people on the other side anymore.

via Bernie Sanders talks money — The happy Quitter!

9 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders breaks it down

  1. I actually thought Bernie was in with a chance. It would have been a good scrap with Donald Trump.

  2. i would have voted for him if he ran but i voted for jill stein. it was my first time to vote but i would rather lose voting for jill stein or bernie than to win a trump or hillary.

  3. I think one of the hold backs people had on Bernie was that the liberal uprising we have now was not really there at that time. So looking back we have to remember the current huge support for liberal policies , the demonstrations, the blog and twitter activism was not yet. Now he would mow over any opposition in congress, but then the idea was he would have been block as Obama was by the republicans who don’t care what the people think or want. I like Bernie and hope he will run again in some form, but I also want to look at it realistically as it was then, not as it is now. Think of it this way, you have people now saying they would vote for Hillary that wouldn’t vote for her then. Hugs

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