Good News! I won’t be getting murdered in my sleep! Woo Hoo!

Much to me and my husband’s chagrin, our only child has come out as a Republican.  This has been a recent occurrence, and was quite troubling.  He’s known his whole life that his dad and I are Democrats.  He’s a teenager, (and can’t vote yet) so this could just be a phase he’s going through.

Well today is the presidential election here in the United States, and the campaign has been long and very ugly.  My family in Indiana has appeared to divorce me, well, they are a bunch of racists rednecks anyway. I can talk to my relatives and not talk politics, they can’t seem to separate the fact that a. I’m their sister, b. I’m a proud Democrat.  Quite sad, and their loss anyway.

The good news? I asked my son if Trump didn’t win would he murder me in my sleep?  He said no, and I was very glad. I will sleep better tonight, knowing that my only son isn’t going to kill me, and hopefully Hillary Clinton wins.teen-anger-violence-against-parent


38 thoughts on “Good News! I won’t be getting murdered in my sleep! Woo Hoo!

  1. too funny. my oldest is a diehard Dem and I’m a diehard Independent. she thinks Dad lost his mind a long time ago. I’m hoping she will at least pick out a good home for me when the time comes.

  2. Here’s a thought. One can be a Republican and not support Trump. There are Republicans who will not be voting for him. He’s not a true Republican. He’s in it for himself, and himself only.

    • That’s for sure. We need a two party system in order for democracy to work. I just want the hating to be over. Things have gotten so ugly. It’s very sad. We need to all work together.

      • Oh no, I woke up to see he’s elected😐 We had the same issues this year in the UK as we vote to leave Europe. Now we’re looking at higher prices for everything x

      • He is going to be a disaster! He gets in Twitter wars with anyone who disagrees with him. Imagine having someone like that having access to the nuclear codes. Very scary indeed.

      • He wants to keep people down. He’s only interested in enriching himself and his cronies. I truly feel sorry for all of the people who are going to lose their health care because this bozo. And immigrants, and women’s rights, the list could go on for days.

      • I don’t get how he got elected. When he seems to hate women and everyone else. Saying that a party in the UK does well and they are racist and sexist. I didn’t know it’d affect health care too. That’s awful x

      • Me either. I thought my fellow Americans were smarter than that. Turns out not only are they racist, but sexist too! They couldn’t stand the thought of a woman being the leader of the free world.

  3. Dang, I’m in the same situation with a teenage son that’s suddenly a republican because “Trump is cool” I didn’t think to ask if he would murder me in my sleep but if nobody hears from me…..

  4. HAHA!

    It’s so sad when we let politics or any other issue divide us. If two of us think the same, it means one of us is irrelevant. Why can’t we celebrate our diversity and share ideas to build a better world?!

  5. Remember that comment you left on my about page a few weeks ago about moving to Canada and I responded that if all goes well we would call her Madam President, well It is with a broken Canadian heart that I say maybe next time. Kindness & Love in general must\will eventually be stronger!

    • I do. What a difference a few weeks makes. I’m sure the FBI bullshit that was dropped 10 days before the election didn’t help. Which proved to be nothing. Old white men in this country can’t stand the thought of a woman being in control. Thanks, it’s been a rough 24 hours.

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