Archive | November 11, 2016

Nacho your President

With the election of Donald Trump aka Cheeto Jesus, this has been a really crappy week in the United States.  Never in my 57 years on this planet, have I seen the fear among our citizens from this monster.  He’s already tapped his children to be on his transition team.  He wants to surround himself with lobbyists, which is a really, really bad thing.  Nothing good will come from this president.

People have been protesting all over the country. I can barely wrap my head around the fact this racist, sexist, infantile pig is now the leader of the free world.  How did we get here?  I know many people felt as though they were being left behind. I believe that many in our country couldn’t stand the fact that a strong, highly capable woman was going to be in charge.

He got elected mainly by uneducated middle aged white men.  He’s promised he will bring jobs back to the United States, yet has no plan.  When our current president wanted to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, he was shot down by the controlling house and senate.  Never mind that it would have created millions of job, but a black man was asking them to do this for their country, and they declined. President Barack Obama has been the best president we have had in my lifetime.

Now we have a loud, brutish, man child with no experience, and a tendency to get into Twitter wars with people at 3 am. I, like so many of my fellow Americans are truly afraid of what a Trump America will be like.  We are already seeing the hate towards anyone who doesn’t look like him right before our eyes.

When Adolph Hitler gained control of Germany in the 1930’s, propaganda was his best ally.  He was able to keep many of his atrocities hidden from the German people. But we have a 24 hour news cycle now, we all know exactly who and what Donald Trump is.  So how in the hell did he get elected?

Many Americans want to blame Obama for their sad lot in life.  What they fail to realize is that the Republicans consistently  blocked everything our president was trying to do.  It’s amazing he was able to accomplish what he did these past 8 years.

Now we have a nimrod who denies climate change, wants to limit women’s rights, deport all sort of nationalities, get rid of Obama care, build a wall and be king.

This all just makes me want to suck down a can of whipped cream, eat a big plate of nachos, and call it a day.