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No, President-elect, We Do Not Have To Play Nice — Gronda Morin

“We the people” are hearing from the republican President-elect Donald Trump that we need to come together to support his plans to lift up our country. His pleading is for us to allow him enough time to prove that he will make good on his promises. He and his surrogates are asking for the public […]

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Happy Caturday — cat shaming edition — saywhatumean2say

Originally posted on bluebird of bitterness: Right now mine are just poooohing EVERYWHERE. Made their point we will go back to the more expensive cat food. ~~dru~~ ps: got a lick in though; i put the antibiotics in goat’s milk and dosed 3 or them so far. Yah….long live kittens. bluebird of bitterness View original post

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Thanksgiving-Mine sucked

Happy belated Thanksgiving to all of my American friends. Mine was not good.  Thirty minutes before our guests arrived, I came down with Bell’s Palsy.  I had this 12 years ago.   The left side of my face is paralyzed.  There is no known cause, and I’m on medication that will help it to get better. The last time I had this it took over a month to get back to normal.

My wonderful husband made such a lovely Thanksgiving dinner, and I couldn’t hardly taste any of it.  We called my doctor three times, but he had his phone turned off. Luckily the emergency room at the local hospital wasn’t crowded, and we were out within a half hour after arriving.

The worst thing is my left eye doesn’t really blink, so my eye is super dry.  I’m putting eye drops in constantly. I have to tape my eye shut at night to keep it from drying out.  While it doesn’t hurt, it’s difficult to eat and drink. Plus my vision in my left eye is blurry.

The chocolate shake did help a bit.