Archive | November 7, 2016

Man Bun- please just go away

I met with a young fellow at my gym this weekend.  He was trying to sell me on personal training, but all I could see was his horrible man bun. First off, what’s up with the shaved sides, and bun on top?  What kind of look are you going for anyway. Do you ever wear your hair down?  I’m guessing it’s a stringy mess. I somewhat get the man bun, if your hair is all one length, still looks stupid to me, but I’m old, so what do I know.


On the subject of me being old, I’m definitely not blind.  I have seen this hideous man bun all over the place. But I have as yet to see a good looking man attached to said bun.  Are you hoping to ever get laid?  Cuz, I’ve asked  a lot of women what they think of the man bun.  100% of those polled said it looks stupid. (ok, I asked my co-workers, but I digress).

Are you suppose to grab a hold of the man bun during sex? I can’t even imagine that scenario. “oh babe, stop, the three remaining strands of hair on my head might fall out.”

You know in North Korea, there are sanctioned hair cuts for men. They are all variations of one style.  Their fearless leader has the best cut of all. Long hair is not allowed on men in North Korea. Dang, guess I’ll have to cross that off of my bucket list of places to visit.


There is even a clip on man bun, I’m pretty sure it’s a joke though. Dude, if you have to have a clip on man bun, I would forget about ever having sex.


Let’s hear it for the clean shaven, short haired men I so love to look at. Okay, his hair isn’t that short, but look at the body! Hot damn!