Nacho your President

With the election of Donald Trump aka Cheeto Jesus, this has been a really crappy week in the United States.  Never in my 57 years on this planet, have I seen the fear among our citizens from this monster.  He’s already tapped his children to be on his transition team.  He wants to surround himself with lobbyists, which is a really, really bad thing.  Nothing good will come from this president.

People have been protesting all over the country. I can barely wrap my head around the fact this racist, sexist, infantile pig is now the leader of the free world.  How did we get here?  I know many people felt as though they were being left behind. I believe that many in our country couldn’t stand the fact that a strong, highly capable woman was going to be in charge.

He got elected mainly by uneducated middle aged white men.  He’s promised he will bring jobs back to the United States, yet has no plan.  When our current president wanted to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, he was shot down by the controlling house and senate.  Never mind that it would have created millions of job, but a black man was asking them to do this for their country, and they declined. President Barack Obama has been the best president we have had in my lifetime.

Now we have a loud, brutish, man child with no experience, and a tendency to get into Twitter wars with people at 3 am. I, like so many of my fellow Americans are truly afraid of what a Trump America will be like.  We are already seeing the hate towards anyone who doesn’t look like him right before our eyes.

When Adolph Hitler gained control of Germany in the 1930’s, propaganda was his best ally.  He was able to keep many of his atrocities hidden from the German people. But we have a 24 hour news cycle now, we all know exactly who and what Donald Trump is.  So how in the hell did he get elected?

Many Americans want to blame Obama for their sad lot in life.  What they fail to realize is that the Republicans consistently  blocked everything our president was trying to do.  It’s amazing he was able to accomplish what he did these past 8 years.

Now we have a nimrod who denies climate change, wants to limit women’s rights, deport all sort of nationalities, get rid of Obama care, build a wall and be king.

This all just makes me want to suck down a can of whipped cream, eat a big plate of nachos, and call it a day.








103 thoughts on “Nacho your President

  1. You are right he got elected by a great majority of white men that only had their highschool diplomas, but I wouldn´t go as far as calling them uneducated, seems quite condescending to me. I only have a highschool diploma and I believe that doesn´t make me uneducated. I educate myself through reading and watching certain things on t.v, and life has also taught me. The name calling, where does that get you? I don´t see it very productive. The left seems to say they are tolerant, well they are tolerant for sure, only when it goes their way. I should add that the “capable” woman Mrs.Clinton, was being investigated by the FBI, and putting a private server in your own house, receiving classified material and then she decides to unclassifiy it, if it wasn´t because the DOJ is so political biased, she should be facing criminal charges. People have done much much less than her and have gone to jail. So I don´t see how a capable person could do that, plus Bengazi and the mess she created there, ending with the death of 4 including the ebassador of the U.S who had been asking for reinforcements for 6 months the compound got eventually overrun. And I might add that the U.N and England consulates or embassies had seen it coming at decided to pull out their staff there long before. So again, just those two things in my simple uneducated white mans brain makes her certainly not a trustworthy capable woman.
    Plus D the Trump hasn´t even started governing maybe people should do some yoga and chill. And attack his policies instead of name calling, name calling doesn´t get you anywhere plus it shuts down a rational debate.

    • I will agree to disagree. The coming months will show us how Trump will really handle things. I certainly wasn’t putting down anyone’s lack of education, this group was Trump’s base supporters. Different groups have been coming after Hillary Clinton for years, and she’s never been charged with a crime. Trump on the other hand is currently being sued for which a court date is coming up, for his scam Trump University. He’s putting his children on his transition team. I hope our country can heal and come up with a better solution in four years, I just hope our environment isn’t destroyed in the process. The fact he has no political experience should frighten people. He’s a horrible businessman, just ask all of the people he has ripped off. He has no respect for women, and is a bully. Maybe some people like that sort of person, but I don’t want someone with such thin skin, and hateful rhetoric to have his hands on the nuclear codes. Many Americans are very frightened of this man with good reason. We are all certainly entitled to our opinions. Thanks for sharing yours.

  2. Excellent…saw this reblogged on omtatjuan3. His current stand on torture is that it’s illegal so people would have to break the law to do it so the laws need to be changed so they don’t have to break them. He though Clinton would win and he could spend the rest of his life yelling about how he could have done things so much better. He didn’t even know that other countries sign treaties. He knows absolutely nothing about government and the things he promised people would cost over 17 trillion dollars. He is going to be one miserable man locked into the white house, unable to live in his many palaces. No privacy, he’ll actually be expected to work everyday and work with people who are intelligent and are dignified. He’s already backed off on Obama Care but he’s determined to go after choice and overturn r v wade. He definitely wants to punish women who have abortions. I hope the people who voted for him are happy. They won’t get anything he promised and they have made our country a laughing stock and a dangerous place to live. When he found out how much the wall would cost he said we could pay for it and the Mexicans could pay us back later. He is uneducated and has no idea how government works. He’s a fool and he’s not going to like being stupid and put on the spot every single day. He will be in a prison of his own making while he tries to destroys the country. Well, his followers wanted change, and they got it…a dived country, an idiot in the white house. Everyone who voted for him voted against freedom and peace. Newsweek called him donald the Destroyer. He can’t even speak in sentences and the first lady is naked, in Newsweek, as well. I refuse to capitalize his name because I have no respect for him…none. How anyone could believe anything he said, then vote for him, is beyond me. Your post was great.

    • Thank you so much. I’m hoping for a early impeachment. He’s too volatile to not do an impeachable offense in the near future. I do feel sad for those who think he’s going to create jobs. He himself has his goods produced outside of the country. He talked a good game to those folks. I honestly don’t know how any woman could vote for him. Thanks for the comment and reblog.

  3. I hear everything you are saying. I am devastated and heartsick. I thought America was better than that. I feel like my country died Tuesday night. I have a biracial son and I am terrified for him. These next 4 years look to be hell on earth.

  4. Resist the Nachos. I’m in the hospital for both of us right now. Resist the Whipped Cream, got for chocolate covered oranges or some of the lovely desserts on

  5. How about ice cream, a bucket full of ice cold goodness. It might cool me down for a short while. I am with you, I am absolutely speechless. Not in my wildest dreams did I think this could happen here in America.

    This election was rigged by our media, they shoveled Trump down our throat on a daily base, even newspapers like the New York Times. Watching him build this cabinet is scary. He wanted to drain the swamp, but didn’t mention he would keep all the venemous snakes.

  6. I love how those on the right are calling on us to be tolerant. After eight years of hearing them hurl racial epithets at President Obama and his family they suddenly believe we should just calm down and accept this sorry excuse of a human being as president. Well, I’m not ready to make nice.

    • Me either. The really sad part is that the American people are going to be the ones who suffer. It’s a shame that for all of the good President Obama did, this clown will try to undo it all. POS for sure!

  7. So many truths in this post. It is amazing Obama managed to achieve anything at all as President, indeed.

    I wonder what America would be like today, how much further along, if he had been White, if he had been Republican, or if racism had not been so strong and alive in the republican party and America at large.

    • I don’t think we will ever know. If he would have been a Republican, he wouldn’t have been such a decent person. I grew up in a Republican household, all of my family are racists rednecks. Not all Republicans are, but more so than not. I just want there to be a country for everyone, not a select few.

    • As a republican with grand children of mixed race, I resent this assessment. White democrats were the racists and oppressors for well over a hundred years after the Civil War. Seems the left has been successful in ascribing those characteristics to white republicans. How did that happen ? If republicans object to the policies of President Obama, Hillary and crew have been successful in labeling that as racist and far too many have bought into the lie.

      • We’re not living in 100 years after the civil war. We’re living in 2016. But you’re of course entitled to your opinion.

        At the end of the day, the people who know what it’s like dealing with racism in America are the ones actually dealing with it, not their grandparents or neighbours or even their husbands. My husband is white and clueless where race and racism is concerned. I know better than to broach the topic with him at this point.

        So…to each their own.

  8. Sad for you he got in. When we left Europe this year I was sad. A lot of people who voted were uneducated white people who are intolerant of others. Fingers crossed now he’s elected he realises he’ll have a hard time trying to do the stupid things he wants to x

  9. This shook the whole world. Don’t know what will happen but I hope it’s all good. Sending you people all the love and positivity.

  10. This shook the whole world. I don’t know what the future holds but I hope it’s good. Sending you people all the love and positivity. 🙂

  11. There is an old adage among presidential historians: Sometimes the man makes the presidency and sometimes the presidency makes the man. I hope he redesigns himself in positive ways. A president is surrounded by many powerful people and influences and he can be molded and tempered if he learns some humility. Let us hope so.

    I do take issue with the term of uneducated white males. Perhaps never had the opportunity to go to college but they are not stupid and can understand political and social dynamics. They raised a family, worked hard, were law abiding and hopefully good parents and participants in their communities. Not earth shattering but people that accepted their success and limitations as well. That’s blue collar America. They are people that feel left out while every one else is included in the processes(accurate or not the feeling is there) . When you have to shell out $165 for a plumber to fix the toilet and sink(which he does in 20 minutes), whose the educated one ? Thanks for your recent visit to my blog.

      • Yes you are right but I am trying to figure out what uneducated means. High school dropouts or high school grads, blue collar workers in profession or any non white collar worker ? At what level does one qualify for educated ? High school grad. BA, MA or PhD ? I have a suspicion that the PhD’s or MD’s would consider themselves to be the educated class exclusively. Then there is division or class between college educated. I went to little ol’ Florida Southern College(did move on to get a second BA and two MA’s) and an Ivy League undergrad would perhaps consider me uneducated with my undergrad degree. Does post high school training from institutes make those workers educated or not educated ? I’ll tell you one thing: I did the crossword puzzles every day at my school and usually got 25% complete on a good day and the secretary in the office(mere high school grad) finished the whole thing every day in less than 30 minutes ! I felt like a very uneducated fool every day. LOL

  12. Reblogged this on Scotties Toy Box and commented:
    I love this. I wish I could have written it as well as the author did. I also wish I had the Nachos but not the Whip Cream. 🙂 This is a great read and so true. I feel the same way. After the election I went to bed for three or four days . I couldn’t do my blog, concentrate, I just couldn’t believe what had happened and I was so upset over it. Now I am going to fight back. I may not make a difference but I have a voice and a platform. I will use it as I have seem others I admire use theirs. Hugs

    • You and over half of the United States! I mean the dumb ass goes on Twitter rants with SNL and a Broadway show. I had hoped he might stop doing that once he was elected. Orange man child! Blech! Thanks for stopping by.

  13. Well you guys are good, a book can easily be written using your comments. Have a great day cornfedcontessa. I think I came here at the right time. God bless you all.
    Before I forget Spanish is easier than French really. 🙂

  14. Trump is wrong on every major viewpoint that he’s put forth. Check these 15 major categories that I provide much non-discussed facts about:


    We can keep trying to talk with people about what we think are sensible views of politics and the world at large. There are moderates who will listen. I know this from experience.


  15. Some say that Obama accomplished nothing.

    He oversaw a U.S. record of 75+ consecutive months in private sector gob creation, while the unemployment rate went down from about 10% to under 5%; cut more than 600,000 government non-military jobs (federal, state, local); ordered more than 3/4ths of the attacks that caused the deaths of 45,000 ISIS soldiers and loss of half of their revenue and territory; provided stable and measured leadership (opposite of Trump’s erratic and impulsive temperament) that affected record stock market highs; implemented a modified version of 20 yearlong GOP-proposed individual mandate health care plan that resulted in 16 million people newly insured; median household income up; poverty down; our global popularity and trust restored to pre-Bush Jr. levels; largest number of deportations of illegal immigrants of any president; highest military spender since WWII (adjusted for inflation); and a lot more. I’ve written an article about this topic: I welcome feedback.

  16. In Washington Monthly magazine’s March/April 2012 issue (, three researchers produced a list of what they saw as Obama’s top 50 accomplishments:

    Passed healthcare reform, passed the stimulus, passed Wall Street reform, ended the war in Iraq, began drawdown of war in Afghanistan, eliminated Osama bin Laden, turned around U.S. auto industry, recapitalized banks, repealed “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, toppled Moammar Gaddafi, told Mubarak to go, reversed Bush torture policies, improved America’s image abroad, kicked banks out of federal student loan program and expanded pell grant spending, created Race to the Top, boosted fuel efficiency standards, coordinated international response to financial crisis, passed mini stimuli, began “Asia” Pivot, increased support for veterans, tightened sanctions on Iran, created conditions to begin closing dirtiest power plants, passed credit card reforms, eliminated catch-22 in pay equity laws…..

  17. …..protected two liberal seats on the U.S. Supreme Court, improved food safety system, achieved new START treaty, expanded national service, expanded wilderness and watershed protection, gave the FDA power to regulate tobacco, pushed federal agencies to be green leaders, passed fair sentencing act, trimmed and reoriented missile defense, began post-post-9/11 builddown, let Space Shuttle die and killed planned moon mission……..

  18. Also, if you’ve ever wanted to find out if Democrat or Republican presidential administrations are better for the economy, check out this site:

    The person who runs that site, Jere Glover, is a Forbes magazine writer who has been compiling data since the 1980s. Very illuminating. Lots of charts and references to the hard data.

  19. I included a message below that I sent out to like-minded friends a few days after the election…….


    Here are a few thoughts I have on this week’s epic political events:

    I wasn’t shocked that Trump won. I’ve spent enough time with a variety of Americans (including 9 years in Alabama) to know how they think. I’ve spent an enormous amount of time during this election speaking with social conservatives and authoritarians (both make up the majority of Trump’s base – very angry and fearful people in many cases, though not all). I know these things from that experience, my family’s conservatism and the fact that before the early 2000s I was one of them.

    It was clear to me throughout this campaign that most Americans didn’t possess the correct perspective on the situation which was/is that Trump is an anti-intellectual fascist. This reality in his character is far more destructive than any negative quality in Clinton. The choice of Trump is a massive failure in America’s discernment. A tremendous absence of wisdom. The question is, how bad will it be?

    Here are my suggestions, based on my experiences in “evangelism” and activism for various causes during the past 20 years: We must work to do damage control and plant seeds of moderation. I don’t know if you already do this or not, but I encourage you to dialogue with conservatives and moderates online and/or in person. This can be done simply by posting comments at the bottom of online articles or You Tube videos. Or on social media like Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook, Instagram, etc. By phone or meeting them for lunch. Or visiting a group of people that you wouldn’t normally interact with. Expanding our spheres of influence. This is good for us too since we are less likely to be as oblivious to our own blind spots on certain topics if we are not only listening to people and sources that already agree with us.

    I believe that we must find ways to bring the cultural mood away from the alt-right direction. I know from hundreds of conversations that I’ve had over the years that change is possible. Often it’s slow and subtle.

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