NYX Tinted Brow Mascara Blonde-Review

This a great eyebrow color if you have light eyebrows like me.  I’ve tried pencils and powders in the past, but was starting to veer off into Joan Crawford land. Not a good look for a middle aged woman.  My mom use to get her eyebrows dyed dark brown. They looked ridiculous as she was a red head, plus she was the neighborhood Avon lady so she should have known better.


This isNYX Tinted Brow Mascara 1-4-15.jpg-1 a very natural looking color and stays on all day.  I wear glasses so I’m fairly lazy when it comes to my brows.  I should probably tweeze more, but I really don’t care.  Besides I have poor vision and I can barely see to put make up on. I bought at where else- Ulta for $6.99, but I had a store coupon so it was less than $6!

6 thoughts on “NYX Tinted Brow Mascara Blonde-Review

  1. Wow that’s one kind of product I never knew existed! Well..the Indian eyebrows need lightening..not darkening as we are born with jet black brows! And we spend helluva lot of time taming ours as they are soooo visible..even a strand astray and we look like cartoons 😀

    • Yeah, that cartoon look isn’t too swift. My mom always looked surprised when she dyed her browns. She was too vain to wear glasses, so I don’t think she realized how stupid she looked. She told me she dyed them so when she woke up next to her boyfriend she wouldn’t look too washed out! Yuck! She was in her 70’s when she told me this. I’m like “Mom, TMI, TMI” 🙂

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